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Today’s Treasure

I don’t have a huge collection of Gillette Safety Razors but I have a few and 3 of them are sentimental. I have been wondering how to display them. I found this at an antique show today. A 1950’s Gillette Razor Display Case. See picture. Not a great picture but I hope to get a better one once I fill this up.


I saw one of these, I believe in the neighboring state of CT, for sale just recently. I refrained from picking it up due to lack of room lol

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no, just a boar bristle I’ve had forever. However, I found a shaving kit with a new tube of Burma Shave in it. I’m going to try shaving with it and write a review.
Are you sure it’s not a Burma Shave...? There is no markings on the brush indicating the brand but the color, style, and knot type/dimensions look awfully like my Burma Shave boar brush lol

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