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    TLDR Version: I tried a bunch of stuff, and ended up liking Paco Invictus, Prada Luna Rossa, Prada Luna Rossa Sport, and Burberry Brit Rhythm. My discount places didn't have anything I wanted.

    The long version:
    So, recently I've gone headfirst back into fragrances. It all started with EDT's from our beloved wet shaving brands like Barrister and Mann and Chatillon Lux. I was also getting burned out on shave soaps and aftershaves. I needed another hobby.

    So, one day, I find out I have some coveted fragrances from the 90's and early 2000's. (Gucci Envy, Gucci Rush, Candies, etc). I also find out about how a bunch of stuff was reformulated post 2003. This helps fuel my curiosity.

    I had been wearing Terre D'Hermes, but I'm too excited not to look at what's out there these days. I always notice lots of stuff at Burlington, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx, but I don't want to blind buy anything without trying it first, so off to Ulta I go. Of course, I did a boatload of research. I found out about famous perfumers who formulated things I like.

    Olivier Polge - Ferragamo F, Burberry Brit, Paco Invictus, D&G The One, etc
    Daniella Roche Andrier - Prada Luna Rossa, Emporio Armani, Gucci Rush, Gucci Envy
    Antoine Maisondieu - Gucci Rush, Burberry Brit
    Alberto Morillas - ADG, BLV, CK One, EL Pleasures (Femme), Emporio Armani (Femme)
    Jacques Cavallier - YSL Rive Gauche, Miyake L'Eau D'Issey
    Francis Kurkdjian - JPG Le Male, Armani Mania
    Anne Flipo - Burberry Brit Rhythm, Paco Invictus, YSL L'Homme,

    So, First stop, ULTA. They have a good amount of stuff I want to try:
    Prada LR - Pretty good. (plus they make an After Shave Splash)
    Prada LR Carbon - excited to try it. kind of boring
    Prada LR Sport - REALLY good. Not exactly sporty, but great.
    Prada LR Black - I forget if I liked it, honestly.
    Paco Invictus - Awesome. absolutely intriguing sweet, floral, but masculine.
    Mayake L'Eau D'Issey - kind of meh
    DG The One - not as good as I remember.
    JPG Le Male - definitely not as good as I remember. truly neutered.
    Burberry Brit - okay.
    Burberry Brit Rhythm - awesome.

    2nd stop, Nordstrom: Not as much stuff as I thought they would have.
    Paco Invictus Intense - not as good as regular Invictus
    Paco Invictus Aqua - definitely not as good as regular Invictus.
    Hugo Boss - terrible reformulation. This used to have teeth, This is generic.

    3rd stop: Marshall's
    They didn't have anything I wanted. It was just some Calvin Klein stuff, Perry Ellis, and some other forgettable stuff.

    4th stop: Burlington
    They had a much smaller selection than I remember. Just some Calvin Klein stuff and Nautica, and their generic house brand stuff. BTW, they haven't restocked the Proraso stuff I grabbed last week.

    So, back to the office. I went on (nice 30% off coupon too)

    Ended up grabbing:
    Prada Luna Rossa Aftershave
    Prada Luna Rossa Sport EDT
    Paco Invictus
    Paco Invictus Aftershave
    Burberry Brit Rhythm EDT

    Pretty stoked to get this stuff. Now, I am more up to date on what's available these days.
  1. Bhugo

    Bhugo Contributor

    Nice post. Congratulations on the new scents!
  2. Nice man, always like most of the Prada stuff, the one I like the most they completely discontinued and the last bottle I got cost me like $170.

    No more.

    Feel you on getting burned out though; kind of tired of researching stuff when I have stuff that works great.

    Thinking of chucking everything in a box and 3017ing my TFS stuff.
  3. You sound like me! But you've gone in a completely different direction with your tastes. I can't even count how many fragrances, oils and aftershaves I have bought in the last year. I have to recommend that you check out as they have some of the best prices I have found. Some of it is shockingly low, beating out Marshall's and Ross. After that would be fragrancenet and ebay.

    I don't know if you're interested in roller ball clone oils but some of them are extremely good, and they're pretty much made by one company, Hayward Enterprises. Basically every oil on ebay comes from them. That's how I got my Rive Gauche and Eau Sauvage. At the very least they'll help you decide if you like a fragrance by giving you a ballpark of what it smells like for about 8 bucks. You may also decide that the clone is good enough. I'll never be able to afford Tom Ford and wouldn't buy it anyway, and the clone oils are a fun way to wear something similar and have a chance to experience them.

    Best of luck,
  4. Used my Luna rossa aftershave today. It was good.

    Used my Luna rossa sport edt. It’s GREAT. Wow.
  5. Rockin the Invictus aftershave/EDT combo today. I love it.

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