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Today's flea market find


look what I've found today on local flea market.

Wilkinsons are probably the same as today production (it says made in Germany on back), but what about these Gillettes? Made by Gillette Argentina. Saw them on mr.razor site, but not a lot info on them on the net.

Are they any good?
Did anybody here used them, and how they perform?
Nice find. Congrats. Don't know anything about those Gillette blades. Be sure to post back how they shave!
Tried one yesterday, done 3 pass shave which I dont usually do.. it felt pretty sharp, not feather alike, but somewhere between Astra SP and Polsilver SI. Pretty smooth too, only a bit of redness on two patches that I did touch up without lather. Looks like a nice blade, will see how it will hold.

Also, there is N3 code on them, does razor codes apply on blades?
Yeah, there is always a bit of treasure out there :)

3 shaves and it is still sharp and smooth, maybe even smoother than first day...
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