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Today it is raining. What is/are a perfect rainy day soap(s)

Perhaps a good idea would be to add if you like this soap because it smells like a rainy day, or because it compliments a rainy day.
I did go with the Saponificio Varesino - Desert Vetiver on the day of my last post. It seemed right for a rainy day. I also used a Vetiver cologn.
This week has been alot of wet and alot of CRSW Jardin d'Orange. Been working great, imagine any green orange scent would. Green tobacco scent or clubman might also be good.
Not all rainy days are created equal in my book. On a warm rainy day in the TX summer, I find vetiver and fougeres to hit the sweet spot (like Eufros Tierra Humeda and Fougere). On cold rainy days, I find woodsy, leathery or warm fragrances to work great. Soap examples in that category would be APR Raconteur, H&V Cognac and Cigars, APR Fenchurch, Eufros Brisa Oriente and several others.


I tried Chiseled Face Summer Storm today - my first Groomatorium soap. It's also my first rainy day scent. Off the puck I was worried that it would be too floral. It was the perfect balance between earth and floral and I'm not a floral fan. That could be changing.

I face lathered and completely blew the lather with too much water and I still had a great shave with it. Too much water was a SOC Mistura that was lightly squeezed out and shaken once. It kept generating more lather on the brush - even on the second and third passes.