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I Have a few of TOBS and a few Trumpers creams. GFT and Eucris by Trumpers, and Sandalwood and Tobacco by TOBS.

I’ve been intertwining both on various shaves, and can definitely say, for me anyway, Trumpers comes up trumps in skin feel, slickness and lather over TOBS creams.

Both are loaded onto the brush and face lathered, same razor and brush (Mühle) and Trumpers has the edge. Slippery, more slick and just gives a better, smoother shave.

First time I’ve tried TOBS, and was expecting great things….. although it’s lovely and does the job…… I was a bit dissatisfied by the hype. The smell of Tobs Tobacco is fabulous, second to Eucris…which is amazing.

YMMV of course.
Welcome to B&B, Sir Shavingeveryday!

Indeed, YMMV!
In my experience, both GFT and TOBS sell excellent creams!
For me, the current versions of TOBS might be ever so slightly ahead of GFT.
But never I've never had any issue with either!

gft tobs creams.jpg
I use both as well and T&H. They all work very well for me. Can't tell much difference between them and choose, primarily, on scent.
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