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TOBS Sensitive Skin VS TOBS Sandalwood: Which one am I should to buy?

hello everyone
1. I have razor bumps often, which shaving cream i should to buy: TOBS Sensitive Skin or TOBS Sandalwood ???
2. The shaving cream for sensitive skin can help me with the razor bumps ?
3. To which one has a better performance TOBS Sensitive Skin or TOBS Sandalwood ???

TOBS Sensitive Skin

TOBS Sandalwood

Thank you very much ....
Technique will probably help far more than any cream or soap to cure "bumps". Very light hand, very short stokes and watch the blade angle. You want to slice not scrape.

But I do enjoy my Jermyn Street TOBS cream.
My experience with TOBS Sensitive has been less fortunate.
As I seem to have a sensitive type of skin (also very dry) it was the natural choice to make in the TOBS camp. Unfortunately, I got an instant irritation the moment I started lathering it on my face. Ended up trading it for something else.
I second @jar_ advice - technique does make the biggest difference in shave.
In regards to TOBS, if you have the possibility, try some samples first.
The soap that helped me most at the beginning of DE shaving was from Haslinger. The slickness and protection they offer are very good.
Here is where you learn that YMMV with all of these creams. I was having skin issues with every cream/soap/croap I tried. I made the choice in the beginning to stay away from the established big companies and had nothing but issues. I used my DE religiously for practice, lots of product, whipped up lathers that would make the lather porn guys super jealous, went back to carts and nothing woked. I got a sample of TBS grapefruit and it was awesome. But, still some problems with irritation though. I got the sensitive skin and no issues. The perfect cream for me. My wife won't allow sandle wood anything into the house so have not tried it.

Having said this it could be your technique and creams sensitivity. I found some of my bump irritations came from my shave mapping. My face is weird. I found I got far fewer bumps if I shaved against the grain all the time. Now that I switched to the TOBS sensitive skin no bumps with DE or cart.

Here is my routine
Morning shave (week days)
Gillette Mach 3 blade
Soak the badger brush
shake it out a little
face lather with TOBS sensitive
Touch up with Yardley body soap in the shower

Evening Shave (Saturday night) I don't shave Saturday morning
Same as above but one Xg and 2 AG passes with a Gillette Black blade in the DE.
Touch up with Yardley body soap in the shower.
Don't shave again until Monday morning

Yardley needs to make a shave soap or cream.
When I first started shaving with double edge blades instead of cartridges I purchased a very mild razor, and no matter what cream I used or blades, I would get some razor bumps. I switched to an aggressive razor because my stubble is like copper wire and it made the biggest difference in the world because it's sliced effortlessly and I had to take fewer passes, which resulted in less irritation. To answer your question though, I prefer Jermyn Street, I find it my favorite cream. Just a question though: what razor and blade are you using? Or are you using cartridges?

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I don't know sensitive skin TOBS, I do know, for me, TOBS Sandalwood is too much for me on a daily base. I also know TOBS Rose and Lavender creams; those I can alternate between quite easily. I wish you well!
Jermyn St (the sensitive skin fragrance) is in my opinion one of the greatest scents from any manufacturer. It is amazingly good. And performance wise it is good too, so I always keep a tub on hand. I would consider starting there. It was my first product, and I wonder if I would have been so thoroughly hooked on wet shaving had I bought something else to start with.
I love Jermyn Street, but it won't fix bumps. A good astringent or alum can help.

You didn't mention what razor and blades you use. You might need a sharper blade. Dull, tuggy blades tend to give me razor bumps.
When I first started shaving with a DE safety razor, I started out with TOBS Sandlewood. Lately I've been using C.O. Bigelow Green because I can get a few tubes of it from my local B&BW. I'm thinking of trying the Jermyn Street TOBS though. I felt like I got better shaves using TOBS. I just got tired of having to pay shipping charges because Amazon seems to be the only way I get my hands on it.
Eton College! I like the Jermyn St scent but it lit my face aflame instantly. Sandalwood is meh, Eton College is TOBS best scent imo. Personally I don't like TOBS performance at all, I'd steer people to Stone Cottage, Musgo or Penhaligon's for creams
Personally I like TOBS jermyn street sensitive another one I use frequently is proraso white cream, but most important for me is blade choice some are giving some serious irritation and some close to none so far the Polsilver's are giving me the best results
I started back in wet shaving with Jermyn Street and somehow got sidetracked to Sandlewood, Coconut and Almond. I also tried a round of Mitchell’s Wool Fat. I have a TOBS sampler in the drawer now. Once I’m ready to buy again, it will be Jermyn Street. It’s the best of the bunch for me. As some have noted, creams are turkey a personal choice. What I like, you might hate. And razor bumps probably aren’t going to be resolved with your shaving cream, but rather your technique.

Check out this article at the Mayo Clinic website.

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