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TOBS Sandalwood Similar to Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur?

I just ordered a TOBS sampler set from West Coast. Loving it so far and will post some thoughts as I go through in future posts.

I tried the Sandalwood today. It is not like most sandalwood products I've used before. If you're a sandalwood fan and looking for a single sandalwood note, there are better options. I'm particularly fond of AOS Sandalwood.

While there is definitely sandalwood in the scent, it is part of a much bigger mix. To my nose, it is very similar to Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur, except perhaps better, creamier, maybe closer to the original than the current formulation. Like PCPM, TOBS Sandalwood is definitely an older, more mature scent. But still very refined.

Does anyone else pick up on the similarity?
Geranium. After spending a day with it -- BTW great lasting scent -- the biggest similarity between the two is a huge geranium note.
TOBS Sandalwood reminds me more of an old school Barbershop smell. It transports you back in time. Used it today along with the TOBS Sandalwood aftershave and it was magnificent!!
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