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TOBS Lavender- what's the deal?

Taylor Of Old Bond Street lavender has always been my favorite (hard) soap, with TOBS rose a close second. I've always gotten these soaps from Amazon.com. Now I can't seem to find them ANYWHERE. I've tried several websites that I found in a "Google" search, and nothing. I even went to TOBS's website- of all their hard soaps, they do not list lavender or rose. Have they stopped making them?! These have always been my favorites. They do have lavender and rose in the creams. I've never used a cream- only the hard soaps. Does anybody know where I could find the hard soaps in lavender and/or rose? How does the cream differ (if at all) in terms of smooth/closeness, comfort, etc? I'm not adverse to trying the cream- I'm just used to the hard soaps.
I too am a big fan of TOBS Lavender. I remember reading that it was no longer being made,(not sure about the Rose). I checked around and could not find any vendor with stock. I have since tried several other lavendes but they just don't match with TOBS.
Thought I remembered that this subject had come up before, so had time to do a little searching this morning. Start with this thread: http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php/400174-TOBS-Lavender-Soap-Discontinued-A-sign-of-things-to-come?highlight=TOBS+lavender
Thanks for pointing me in that direction. Such a shame TOBS discontinued the lavender soap. BTW, I noticed some people on that thread mentioned that it had been reformulated at some point in the past and described the newer formula as "mediocre at best". If what I had was "mediocre", I would LOVE to have used the original formula. Incidentally, how are the creams compared to the hard soaps?
TOBS creams are good performers. I never smelled the lavender soap, but the lavender cream is a bit heavily scented for me. I really don't care for the purple dye they put in the cream either. the color lightens up when you lather, but it still looks fake to me. There are other lavender creams out there, so I skip TOBS for this one. Some of their other creams, though, are still on my list.
I use GFT Lavender soap. I know many dislike thier soaps, bu I have no issues with either of my GFT soaps.

Yes they do take a little more effort, but you get a nice rich lather with a nice scent.

Just check the date code, from past posts they seem to have a bad batch in 2008.