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TOBS Eton. Wow!

I have several of the TOBS line and received my new tub of Eton College earlier this week. I decided to give it a go this morning and I was amazed! That rarely happens because I have some (read: A LOT) of creams, but this was an incredible performer. Very cushiony and very slick. I used a Whippeddog Pure and an Astra SP and my Futur.
The smell reminded me of Polo Sport Club Blue, so that's what I used for a balm and EDT. Smells great and feels better!
If you like creams and haven't tried this one, I say give it a shot.
I have some that will be in today, got in that drugstore.com 50% off deal they have going on. I can't wait to try it even more now,,,thanks!!
Eton College was the first cream I tried, and as a result I have a hard time finding others that meet my expectations. It really does perform superbly.
This is easily the best scent I have tried. I love it! The performance of the cream is very good also. Once I'm done trying others I think it will be all I will buy.
I have a sample from Garry but haven't tried it yet but it smells great though.

Can't describe the scent but the first thing that popped in my head was lemon meringue pie or something
I order some from drugstore.com and got it yesterday. WOW! This stuff is thick and creamy! A little goes a long way. Love the scent (Eton college). The best cream I have used by far!