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TOBs Eton College and unspecific nostalgia

I don’t see a lot of comments on the forums here about it but I love the smell of my Eton College shave soap. I can’t quite put my finger on it but something in it reminds me of being a kid looking through my dads grooming tools, colognes, etc. and yet it doesn’t smell “old” to me.

Anyone else have love for the scent of Eton College? Is there a scent that just sort of takes you back to someplace even if you aren’t exactly sure where?
Eton College is a great scent, I can see why you love it and even better if it brings nostalgia.

I've had a few times where a scent brings me back... funny how that works. I have found Speed Stick Sport for some reason, as well MWF reminds me of hand soap at my grandparent's house. My dad used Afta for years, I should track it down and give it a try to see if brings back memories.


I'm a Lumberjack.
I’m an Eton college scent fan too. I was going to say “graduate” ha
I’m not sure it’s a nostalgia trip but a great scent. Maybe it takes
Me back to Cambridge in my other life. 😉
Eton College is the top of my list as well. First semi-premium cream I've bought and always keep some around.

IMO the cream smells much better than the EDT. I'm looking for suggestions on a matching scent. The EDT has some sweet citrus reminders on the top note, but quickly fades to patchouli/synthetic musk.
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