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Tobs avocado

I just experienced the most phenominal shaving cream I have used to date! That would be TOBS Avocado, WOW what a awesome cream. A couple swirls and to the bowl, superb lather, great lubrication, and not drying. I absolutely loved it....just curious on everyone else's thoughts. :biggrin:

Thanks Keith
Glad your liking it. :001_smile

I have a sample of it, used it once, and the jury is still out on it. I almost reached for it tonight but went with the palmolive shave stick at the last second. I have to re-visit it in the next few days cause I want to like this one. I smelled it. It seems floral maybe Juicy Fruit-like-smellin? It seems to me it might be a good one for this summer.

How would you describe the scent?
I think the big debate on this cream is the scent - some love it, some hate it - but just about everyone agrees on how nicely it lathers, and what a great shave results from it. I personally love the scent, and coupling that with the wonderful shave find this stuff to be my favorite cream (so far...)


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The new version is a shadow of its former self, discontinued around three years ago. :frown:

Glad I still have some of the old formula left. Amaizing cream.
TOBS is incredible in itself. Add that wonderfuly scent, and you have a winner. Glad you found something you like so much.
I have to admit, the scent i just am never sure what i think about it. Its nice but, i dont know.

However, the cream for me is second to none! Shaving is a dream using this. I love it and i will use it as my daily cream from now on. Now, to just use up the salters citrus and taylors rose i have left over!
I recently obtained a sample of TOBS Avocado myself from a fellow member. I have gotten my best shaves from it so far. It's either the cream or Kyle's Prep, which I began using at the same time too. I'm not sure if I want to pick up a tub of this, or try a different scent just yet.

this was my first cream I bought when I started wet shaving back in January 09. It is truly a great cream and i love the scent!!:thumbup1:
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