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Tobacquisitions- November 2019

Tommy Tutone

Officially an October auction acquisition, I guess, but forgot/neglected to post. Over-exposed middle tin is aged Escudo.. Bid on the (barely visible) Dunhill, Boker straight, strop and stones - everything else was "added goodies". IMG_4063[1].JPGThanks again, Ronnie! And Happy Thanksgiving BL'ers..
Just scored this Dunhill a few hours ago. Can't wait to get it and see how it smokes. SWMBO wasn't very happy, so I've promised to quit buying pipes.....for a while.
Not sure what blend I'll settle on for this one. Time will tell.
The stem may need some attention, but it looks like to be rarely smoked.


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Thank you. I had Led Zep immigrant song in my ear (ice and snow . . . cause it is piling up) . . . Now I've got Painted Black stuck in my mind.

Your pipe looks better black. Nice job.