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Tobacquisitions- February 2019

Pietenpauw strikes again. Accent is made from some type of Nenga palm flower leaves suspended in amber colored acrylic I believe. Will try to get a daylight shot of its maiden voyage this weekend.



Fridays are Fishtastic!
A pipe tamper from Brian Orton featuring his tree bark treatment. The center post unscrews to reveal a bowl spade. My pics are poor- looks much better in real life. I am thinking of getting one of his pokers done the same way.

E225F3EA-71A4-428D-AAF8-EF69275D57D1.jpeg F2BBA44A-ACFB-4832-A4F8-9E0E7B17521D.jpeg F1E2A0C8-728E-4F5E-ABAA-143E40DB6D2F.jpeg


Fridays are Fishtastic!
Glad to see it finally arrived safe & sound. :thumbup1:
I think FB Messenger dropped one of my messages to him, because his response time is generally pretty good. I felt funny about sending another one, didn't want to appear a pest. Either way, it's here now. The wife saw it, and she has greenlighted me getting a poker made in the tree bark fashion.

One thing I didn't notice until I saw the bag was the trademark on the tamper (you can see both in the first picture). I thought he was just simulating a knot.
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