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Tobacco Trays?


Needs milk and a bidet!
Anyone have one? Use one?

Might be useful for packing the pipe I'm thinking? Keep the loose tobacco contained and easy to put back in the jar.

I might get a nice leather one.

I was thinking this Valet Tray. ?


Or would it be something else that I won't use?
I've never used one. I tend to load off my palm, and a few crumbs might escape, but not enough to be concerned about. As for use as a "tidy", whatever table the tray would be sat on, would be perfectly good enough to sit my matches and pipe tool on, without having to use a tray. :biggrin1:
The leather is cool but I wanted one of these.
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I think it’s called a lap tray.
Sedercraft.com it’s a pipe valet

I’m waiting on mine with my family crest engraved. I’m super excited.

I’ve been using a paper plate. I can balance a cob pipe stem on the edge and then after I fill the bowl, I can fold the plate and funnel the leftovers back into the jar.
Wow. Just bookmarked that page. I’m sure I’ll get one soon. Will look good with the B&B LE
Do it! I messaged him and ordered one after seeing them on social media. They seem popular but there wasn't much for reviews. I would think he’d post some on his site.

I agree, especially if you get one with texture.


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Three IM Corona Old Boys, two traditional designed ones and a special edition Old Boy. The fourth lighter is a 4th Generation old boy knockoff. The IM Coronas are my go to lighters, super reliable and durable. Many years of reliable service on the IM Corona lighters.
ImCorona and similar are great lighters, but any breeze stronger than a bunny fart will blow them out. So I keep a Zippo for back up when it’s windy.
I just use the cheap flimsy plastic cutting boards from Walmart for drying and loading my baccy. Any scraps and the thing just folds into a nice funnel for the jar. I think a 4 pack was $2. As an added bonus I can cut a plug on it without worry, it is a cutting board after all.