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To those using hair conditioner....

Will it impede the shaving cream's lather to just lather over the hair conditioner and then shave?
Or do you think it will be better to rinse it off first?
I even used ONLY conditioner one day and recieved one of the best shaves I ever had. However, after a couple of days of it - my face started getting bad razor burn.
So I realized I still needed the cream. (good, because I like them)
I read where people have just put it right on top of the conditioner and everything was fine.
Just curious.
I will try it in the morning - but I don't want to be messing up the cream doing it's job.
I use hair conditioner as a pre-shave treatment from time to time (usually if I miss a day or two and have a lot of hair to get rid of)... I've found it best to let the hair conditioner sit on my face for a minute or two (while I'm in the shower), but I always rinse it before I apply any lather... this is what works best for me, though YMMV.
I use conditioner almost every day as a beard softener. I wash my face and apply the conditioner. At the end of my shower I rinse off the conditioner and go straight to the sink for my shave.
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