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To The Rescue.....Old Gillette Standard Combo. Set

Pristine vintage razor sets get most of the glory but let's not forget some of the elderly sets that are past their prime.......
I just got this sent to work ("quicker" delivery). I'm planning on cleaning it later today.

Some of those scummy,grungy razors turn out to be some beauties with a little hot water soak and some Scrubbing Bubbles.
Very nice clean up indeed! I received an "old type" razor earlier this week. Seems a bit tricky (and dangerous!) when loading a blade. Sam, get back with a review of how this one shaves- issues when loading etc.
This one's for you Henrik.........:wink2:
These older 3 piece razors can be a bit precarious to load. What I usually do first is load the blade on the blade cap with the bolt, laying upside down, and screw in the barrel in that fashion. I make sure to hold the blade by the blunt ends when screwing.
It's been a while since I used this type of Gillette. I loaded a Personna Med and went for 4 passes. It is aggressive and you can feel the texture of the combs when you shave. This texture was what turned me off to OC's before I encountered the NEW's. It does it's job and does it well but I ended up with a couple of weepers and slight irritation. I got a BBS shave with some slight burn along with it. I took my time and maybe my angle was a little off this shave and I might need a milder blade but it wasn't bad.
Overall, I'll revisit this razor at another time. The set itself compliments any razor collection. But with more refined OC's (NEW's, TTO OC's, etc.) I'm not rushing back to this little guy anytime soon. However, they do have their place in an open-comb arsenal.
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Thanks for the fair review Sam. It´s refreshing from time to time NOT reading superlative reviews of newly accuired goodies. The set looks VERY nice though. A compliment again for your cleaning procedures. You managed to have saved some of the patina which is very appealing.
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