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To roast or not to roast?

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Nope, I didn’t realize you you were a former academic advisor. That is pretty cool. My take on a terminal degree is that there needs to be a return on investment. Otherwise, it takes away funds that can be used to help my wife or kids. My dad did his doctorate due to his age. Either Georgia or the university gave him deep discounts when he was over 65. He didn’t make money from it, but it was personally very rewarding to him.

Oh, I understand. It's all part of that calculation we make when we think about doing something. Many years ago I ran across a quote from E. Howard Hunt, an old Texas oil man. It runs something like, "Look at the costs, decide what you want to do, and go ahead." I ran into that quote when I was making that calculation myself about 30 years ago. :)

To do it simply to do it is, in fact, a noble goal. But at the same time I agree that you have to think about the others in your life and what they need from you. The beauty is that you really don't need it! If you can gather information and assess its worthiness in your chosen fields, then you're already functioning at that level. The Ph.D. recognizes that you went through a formal process -- one that may have done you as much harm as good -- and convinced a committee of people who think they know what they're talking about that you think you know what you're talking about. :)

You have all the tools you need to learn, investigate and research your interests. Sounds like you're being pretty thoughtful about it. I call that a Good Thing.

Poking around the forum as a newbie and love all the tertiary things people are into here. I suppose it makes sense lol. But I started roasting my own coffee back in 2017/18-ish when I switched to decaf and couldn't find any decaf coffees I liked since they tended to be on the lighter side and had a weird taste, or were flat out burnt with no notes of acidity or anything really. I sources some green beans and used a large stainless steel dog bow, whisk, and heat gun and made 10lbs that way. I then made my own corretto roaster with an old salvaged bread machine and heat gun and have made over 100lbs of coffee with this method and many different beans and haven't looked back. I did find 1 brand of decaf I ended up liking a lot when I am traveling or need a break for a bit during the coldest months of winter, but have found good Honduran to full city plus is my cup of tea...or rather coffee.
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