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To create the original from the original...


I have a G4 Gillette Slim (fourth quarter of the year 1961 as far as I know).
With it came a white plastic case with golden "inlet"/"background"...(sorry...)
From what I found on the internet, this may fit.
And I have an original Gillette dispenser ("Gillette" "Platin veredelt" "Super Silver" are
the writings on it ... so it was made for the german market...)...and this one is of 1970...
...so not fitting the setup.

To recreate at least the original "feeling"...:
What Gillette blades/blade dispenser do I need?
And: Where did Gillette put the "users guide" into/attached to this plastic case?

(PS: This is only for me...I did not intend to fake an original content to sell it anywhere
for astronomical prices. I will sell it at all. I am happy to finally got a good working Slim! :) )
From here: Slim (Standard) – Gillette Adjustable Razors - https://gilletteadjustable.com/slim/

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