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To anyone who has used the parker synthetic bruish (with faux ivory handlke)

I just switched from the black handle VDH (after a few months, I have managed to make very decent lather with it.) However the parker is a whole different ball game. It retains water much better than the VDH does and a lot of my lathers are runny. Any recommendations?
I use the Parker Synthetic as well and it just takes a little practice getting the water ratio right. Since it holds so much water I usually give it a couple pretty good shakes.
With the hair pointed downward with your index and thumb gently grasp the base of the not gently give it a slow squeeze then a gentle shake.
I don't feel the need to flick it dry. You might want to check up your technique before trying that. First I fill the sink 1/4 full with very hot water. Then, I load my brush with water to start, up toward the faucet. Then I swish the soap and begin to lather on my face. Its not lather yet. Now I alternate dipping the very tip in the sink, swishing the soap and continuing to lather until its good and ready. Usually about 2 minutes. If its too dry dunk it, if its too wet, grab more soap. You should eventually find you can modulate it to exactly the moisture level you want.
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