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TJ Maxx and its sister stores

Curious...now that these places are back open in some or most areas, how are you finding their inventories? Well stocked with variety? Slim pickings? Somewhere in between?
My TJ Maxx seems relatively well stocked... not like before the pandemic, but maybe 80% of that. Has Proraso Red cream ($3.50), Proraso Blue cream ($3.50, I bought it), Proraso Green pre-shave ($4.50) and few other shave related items that are competitively priced.
I just went to my LOCAL tj max on Friday.

Was hoping to score some Proraso products. But had no luck at all.

May try Marshall's this weekend.
Pretty much empty (besides some modern EDT's that make you smell like a Jersey shore club rat) around the Daytona FL area. Even if they had stuff in stock these stores seem to have 30+ min long waits in a line out in the 100f Florida sun... Not worth it to save a few bucks on a tube of proraso that is several years old.
Most of the proraso creams I purchased were so old they began to separate and I would have to shake the tube like a can of spray paint to reconstitute the cream prior to each use... For $4-$5 instead of $9-$10 for a new tube. They also are always atleast 2 generations behind, currently selling the old striped packaging design.
Don't know whether ours is opened or closed. Not allowed to leave the building to find out.
Not allowed to leave what building? Are you in the USA? Because there is no enforceable law that can force you to stay in your home unless Martial Law is declared.
Our local ROSS stores are about 80% stocked. I found three leather belts in my size (never happened before) and my wife finally found two lamps we wanted. I look for those two items every time I go in there and for years, I've struck out. They also had tons of cheap hand sanitizer.
before the pandemic how often would you find new stock? i went there for the first time in years and picked up a bunch of nice things, but found nothing new a month later.
My wife drove past a Marshall's that just reopened last week and said there was a huge line. she's a big fan and even she didnt bother to wait in line.