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Titan strop dressing

I decided to dedicate a thread to the denim strop and strop dressing that come with a Titan razor. I just had maybe the best shave ever (2 passes, both with the grain and almost bbs) with a Russian OKA razor finished with this pasted strop. The difference before and after with this razor is night and day. It is a joy to use compared to my green PUMA paste, feels so much smoother to move your blade on, it is kinda greasy. Not too many passes and in no time you are done. I guess it will last me close to a lifetime, since I bought 3 Titans and also a Kure-nai that came with a smililar paste. I will try all my razors like that from now on to see how much any of them can be improved. The OKA was not even shave ready, I almost kinda gave up on that one. I was not a paste guy, but I am now.

I also have a question: is there anybody into pastes that is familiar with both the Titan paste and others? How do you think they compare? Can you suggest a significantly better one?
I use a lot of pastes not familiar with Titan though. I found that the substrate you use has a large effect. Denim linens etc allow the abrasive to embed easier and make the paste cut finer. Harder substrates allow the particles to "stand up" so variances in particle size will have a more pronounced effect...ie cut faster, leave rougher finish etc.
Like Willem, I am also very happy using the Titan pasting wax. I use it on the denim of a leather and denim strop, also from Titan.

I set a bevel using a 3k natural stone (that took some work) and then a few hundred passes on the pasted denim gave me a slightly tree-topping edge. Since then, after each shave, the edge gets about 20 passes on the pasted denim to keep the edge in good condition.

Since then, the edge (or is it my technique) just keeps on improving.
So you go from your bevel set on the natural stone straight to the denim? I go 1k chosera, clean up on belgian blue then "finish" on belgian blue/coticule/ocean blue/translucent ark and then just a few passes on the denim strop. I do everything after the chosera without too much care, because I know that after the pasted denim it will be fine.