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Tis The Season To Be PIFfing! Tra la la la la............

I made a few strops not long ago and I just now happened to notice that one has a small but very noticeable dent in it where something in the closet where I had them hanging, poked into it. Shouldn't affect the stropping, though, and most beginners will soon have far worse damage on their first strop. I had in mind to just PIF it. Then I thought, hey why not throw in a Gold Monkey razor, stick of Arko, and a cheap gimme Chinese badger brush of doubtful pedigree, to make up a bare bones beginner setup? The razor is honed, stropped, and ready to go. I am assuming that anyone who already has a better strop, brush, and razor won't want it anyway, so it is wide open to anyone with at least 50 posts, and at least 25 in the straight razor forums. Winner will be selected at random. To be in, have the required number of posts and reply in this thread with "I'M IN!" and your post count, and you are in. Winner will be selected tomorrow (Friday) evening and I will announce the lucky winner immediately after. I will need his shipping details via PM by the time I wake up Sunday morning so I can pay and print shipping and take it to the post office Monday morning, and hopefully it will arrive in time to at least spend one night under the Christmas tree.
Super nice starter PIF! Very respectfully not in. Slash, you are a major contributor to the SR milieu here. I have personally benefited from many, many if your posts. Merry Christmas!
generous PIF @Slash McCoy !!!!! whichever lucky contestant gets this one will be off to a good start..

not in, but appreciate the generosity. Merry Christmas all 🎄

Lovely Christmas gift idea. I already have some sticks of Arko and a few Chinese guaranteed genuine best badger hair synthetic brushes so respectively not in.
Not in, but very generous of you! I got into straights initially from another generous PIF like this one. Good luck to all those participating.
I had to rent a bigger truck to move my shaving stuff cross country. I'm not in, but this is a great PIF. Nice work!
I'd love to say I'm in but I don't use a straight razor often enough to justify it.
I'd much rather see it become something someone else cherishes and uses daily.

Very kind of you to do this, well done.
This is a much more basic strop than the one @Lightcs1776 is so proud of. This one was meant to be a beginner strop and it has a small but deep poke in it, so it is not anything special and not representative. But too late... you are IN!
I was very fortunate to participate in your modified Gold Dollar pass around and those Method edges were outstanding. One day I will also try your strops as well.

With that said, I would like to bow out and let another gent have the chance to start down this path. Great starter kit!
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