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Tips On Brush Restoration

Below are a few of the older brushes I'm considering restoring. Although they are antiques, I would really like to put them back into use as well. I am looking for a few pointers on things to look out for and possibly construction details on these brushes. The Ever-Ready and Strong Set are both solid brushes. I really like the color of the Ever-Ready and am wondering if cleaning/polishing will effect that color or if I should leave the handle alone?

The Peerless and wood handled brushes, however, both have small cracks in the handles (both visible in the picture). Are the cracks - particularly the wood brush - repairable or able to be stabilized? Or, would you recommend leaving them as is for display? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

L-R: Ever-Ready 575, Strong Set Badger & Bristle, Peerless, Unknown wood handled brush
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