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Tips for grain mapping

I'm still having it rough on my chin, my jawline and neck, so I was wondering if there were any tools people use for figuring out the mapping of the grain. I've heard of using a cotton swab, and I'm going to try that with a QTip, but I am wondering if there was more that I can do.
Mostly just keep it in my head! I don't do diagrams...although, my beard isn't overly complex as far as growth goes.
Don't overthink it - just let your beard grow a couple days then look at it in the mirror. Whenever you consistently get irritation in the same spot, take a closer look at the direction of growth there. It becomes second nature pretty quickly.
I map mine out by using a face map. See http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2602/4010610216_d2079b65e9_o.jpg

I put arrows and number the passes. For example, for me the first pass on my upper face is North to South. But on my neck it is west to east.

My beard grows fast and I just have to rub my fingers to find the grain. Originally, I would go south to north on my neck but discovered this caused irritation. :thumbdown

So, try a few different ways to go and see what works. :biggrin1:
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