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Tips for a new Razor ( Rockwell 6C User)

A little update. I'm not able to find a Razorock GC 0.68SB (out of stock in EU)and i will try the Razorock BBS !
Fwiw you sound like me... 6s was my main weapon (primarily 2/3, though 4/5/6 were manageable), the Mamba 70 kicked it to the kerb and it stayed there.

I get smoother shaves from the Mamba, the head is less bulky and it's a far more elegant piece of kit all round - the 6s looks positively agricultural by comparison!

This is not to say the 6s isn't a good razor, it is, but for me it was no match for the Mamba 70.

I've never tried the GC68, although I'd like to nothing I've seen suggests it's different *enough* from my Mamba to be worth shelling out for at the moment.... If I ever get chance to pick one up for cheap I certainly would, the fit & finish of these RR stainless razors is superb!
I was using too 6C with plate 3, now i am using Feather AS-D2 but this razor is expensive. I read on the forum, best shave are done with only 2 pass. This is my routine for me 2 pass and no touch up. Generaly i got bbs but it take me a year to have this result. I found Rockwell is a good razor but i compare it with a tank too bulky for me. If i was you, i'll give a chace to RR razor, i never try them but the look good. With AS-D2 i have the pleasure to practice daily shaving.
first test with the BBS. I felt the sensation of the razor blade on the skin throughout the shaving and I had some problems in the counter-grain with blood points and irritation. It's just a first test, the overall shave was deeper than R3 but less comfortable. I didn't quite understand the angle to take.
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