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Timor Solingen Blades?

Very good blade. Might be a little less smooth than the Personna Med Preps and Gillette Blacks which are my favorites, but in my top half dozen blades. They seem to mate well with milder razors.
Does anyone have experience with these German blades?

Love em. Bought a hundred of them. To me they seem very sharp and reasonably smooth. People say they last pretty well but I dump all my blades after three shave so I can't say for sure.
I've had them, liked them, and will likely buy them again. Have used them in an EJ89, Red Tip, and a Slim adjustable. Worked fine in all three razors.
Just last week I used up the last of my Timor samples. Seems like a great, consistent blade and lasts longer than most blades for me. The only good price I can find on these is at a quantity of 200, which is just more than I want to add to my blade inventory at this time. I would happily pick a few up given a decent price and quantity in the future.
Dumped my last one today. Really like this blade! Tried it in FatBoy, DOB SA, and 1926 OC Aristocrat...Wish I would have started with the Aristocrat....probably wouldn't have tried the others. Is pricey but IMO, I get more shaves than most other blades.
I got 2 packs of these blades, however they keep pulling my beard while shaving not a very pleasant experience. I was using slim adj. on 9, maybe i should try lover setting.
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