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FS Timeless Titanium 0.68 SB and Elite Razor brush

For sale are a few items in excellent condition that are not getting any use any longer and could use a new home. Shipping to CONUS only, PayPal G&S.

First is my polished titanium Timeless razor with 0.68 mm SB plate with scalloped cap and 85 mm polished titanium Timeless handle. Buyer will receive original box and microfiber cloth as well as a plastic washer that was always used with the razor. Selling for $230 (paid $285)



Next, is an Elite Razor bloodwood handle over ivory resin with a 24 mm Manchurian white fan knot. Includes brush description of handle and Elite microfiber bag. Selling for $100 (paid $170)



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Also selling a Vulfix 2235 brush with stand, Edwin Jagger apothecary shave mug in ivory, and 2 envelope samples of MDC Original and Agrumes. The envelope samples are brand new and have not been opened. I would like to keep these items together, selling for $60 shipped to CONUS.


Price drops as follows:

Timeless: $210

Elite brush: $80

Vulfix plus mug plus MDC samples: $50

If you want to combine some of the items from the Vulfix with the other products, just send me a PM and we will see if something can be worked out.
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