Timeless razor issues

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by Scott woodbury, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. None here so far. I break mine down, clean and dry after every use.
  2. I have had my Timeless Razor for over a month and no issues. After using it, I always rinse it out with cold water, spray it with rubbing alcohol, and microfiber dry the razor. I have the polished finished and it continues to shine and smile. Love my Timeless. Matt from Timeless Razors provides superior customer service and I know that he will take care of you. Kindly keep us posted.

  3. Graydog

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    Amazing guys at Timeless , I have had mine for a month and no issues.
    All my razors after I shave each time I take apart and rinse then dry.
    Most of my razors are Vintage and in great shape and I want to keep all of them that way.
  4. lancelot

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    I have had one for a couple of weeks. It is a beautiful, quality, piece with no issues. I swapped the open comb for an SB. Customer service was outstanding.
  5. Graydog

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    Did the issue get resolved ? Let us know
  6. August West

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  7. I am having teeing issues with my Timeless. I don't break it down or dry it after every shave. I have been DE shaving for 35 years and never had this issue with any other razor. Used Merkur, Muhle, etc. and only use Feather SS blades. I contacted Matt at Timeless and they offered to rebuff the razor for me, but I am still concerned. I change my blade every Monday like clockwork (for years) and every time now the blade and razor are showing teeing. What gives? Could this be an issue with the SS in the head? Just in case it might be a blade issue, I opened a new pack of Feather's... and had the same problem.
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    Stainless steel is rust resist, not rust proof.
  9. Lots of people love Merkur & Muehle. The heads are Zamak, with heavy chrome plating- no surface to oxidize, unless the plating flakes.

    Get a jar of Mother's Metal Polish(Walmart, automotive section) or Flitz(most autoparts stores in the paint & body area), and use a small dab every week or two, applied with a soft rag. Rinse off with soap & water.

    A post shave dunk in a jar of Barbicide or alcohol(cheap vodka works too) followed by a pat down, is almost as good.

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