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  1. Recieved my timeless a week ago and noticed machining issues with my barber pole handle. There were burrs in the finish. Took pictures and got in contact with a sales rep Matt. He noticed them as well and sent out another handle(still waiting on it). The customer service with timeless has been great so far.
    Now this morning i go to clean my razor(as i do all my razors every weekend) and notice discolor on the finished stainless steel under the cap. Almost looks rusty... i took more pictures and emailed Matt again(awaiting his reply). Im wondering if anyone else has had quality issues with timeless? If so can you let me know your experience please. Thank you
  2. I have two Timeless razors and neither have any issues whatsoever. Sorry to hear about yours.
  3. Matt has always been responsive to my emails and I am sure they will fix you up.
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    Some blade will leave tea stains on stainless steel. I had that problem with the ATT razor I used to have. Stainless steel is rust resist, not rust proof.
  5. Rabidus took the words out of my mouth, it's probably tea staining.

    I never had any problem with tea staining, I would always just rinse my razor and put it in its stand to dry. But then, all of a sudden, I found tea staining on my ATT S1. I was not pleased. It came from a Perma-Sharp blade, not even a blade I like particularly well!

    Well, ever since that incident, I always open up my razor after each shave and dry the blade and all the razor components.

    Overkill? Probably.

    But I haven't had a recurrence of the tea staining, and the practice gives me a zen type calm.
  6. They will take care of you.
  7. I've not had any issues - I have had it about a week. On the subject of tea staining - this comes up with many stainless steel razors - as some have already noted. As a metallurgist - (no kidding) - the explanation is simple. Most of these razors are made out of 303 stainless - this is a free machining austenitic stainless steel. Its has the "free machining" going for it which means its easier for to cut during machining, however it is missing some elements, most notably Molybdenum, that would do a better job preventing staining. The best way to prevent this is to completely dry the razor after use as others have suggested. I change blades every shave so I just take the whole thing apart after use. I also keep a small spray bottle with 90% Isopropyl Alcohol on my vanity - I spray the razor parts done and leave on a small towel to dry - no staining - and I have a number of stainless razors that have been is service for years. Hope this helps.

  8. Timeless has a generous 30 day return policy.
  9. be careful of what cleaner you use if anything, ammonia can and will make stainless to rust. staining has nothing to do with the quality of the razor, just chemical interaction. timeless uses 304 stainless, so if you are on municipal water make sure to dip in alcohol after use, as the chlorine can affect stainless.
  10. Good luck with resolving your issues.
  11. I have not had any problems with any of my Timeless razors and I've found their customer service to be outstanding. They are very responsive to questions and ship their products quickly.

    The inside of the caps with the Timeless razor do have grey bands on the inside of the cap where the metal isn't polished (see attached pic). They come out this way from the machining process. With several high end razor manufacturers not as much attention is given to the inside of the cap. This is completely normal and doesn't bother me at all. Kinda like like looking at the underside of the hood on your car, it's just not that important that it's finished as nice as the outside. At least not to me it isn't.

    I do take the razor apart and towel dry it after each use. It is then reassembled and ready for the next shave. This process takes about 30 seconds and keeps my razors looking brand new all the time.

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  12. I have considered taking my razors apart after use but have not started doing it yet. I dip them in Barbicide before putting them up up may consider an alcohol dip instead.
  13. Question is Timeless a stainless steel ?????
  14. Congrats on your Timeless. Despite the staining issue I'm sure you will enjoy your shaves.

    It's good to hear that TL customer service is taking care of you. I haven't had any staining issues with any of my razors, but I clean them after each use.

    Enjoy your razor, I love my TL!

  15. You are right about being careful with cleaners - the austenitic stainless steels (303, 304, 316, 347, etc.) are sensitive to chlorides - chlorine/Clorox would be bad choices. The alcohol is safe and will displace water which can have some chlorides in it. As a further point of interest - you have to get into the 316 grades and higher to get the Moly content I mentioned earlier that would help prevent some of the surface rusting we sometimes see. I have seen a handful of razors that are made with 316 (there is a new expensive adjustable at Bullgoose that comes to mind) - but most use the lower grades for machining or cost purposes. Taking the razor apart is also a good idea - having water sit in tight crevices can also cause problems (we uncreative metallurgists call this "crevice corrosion" - high tech right?).
  16. I've got an open comb and bar guard Timeless and no issues with fit or finish. I always remove the blade after a shave, no matter which razor. Back in the 1960s leaving blades in Gillettes I saw how they can leave rust stains in a DE.
  17. I've not had any staining on mine, but I do take it apart and wipe it dry after every use and usually remove the blade, too.
  18. If you're dipping your razors in Barbicide then you definitely need to rinse them afterward. Barbicide will kill a list of viruses as long as my arm but you shouldn't soak a razor in it more than ten minutes. I saw a picture of a completely ruined Feather Stainless Steel razor that was accidentally left in Barbicide overnight. It was basically black and had major pitting and material eaten away. Barbicide is wonderful but it is some serious stuff. So, whenever I use it I rinse and dry my razors right at the ten minute mark. If you're leaving that on the surface then I suspect you're asking for problems. I wouldn't do it.

    The alcohol on the other hand displaces the water and replaces it with the alcohol which dries completely in seconds. This is a nice way to protect/dry your razor without taking it apart and actually drying it off. Me, I just take it apart and dry it with a soft towel. The whole process takes about thirty seconds.
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    316 LVM is the grade of steel used for good quality stainless steel body jewelry and works great in my experience unless you have a nickel allergy. No visible damage from sweat or body contact that I have noted. I am a hobbyist machinist and have made my own body jewelry from straight 316 stainless and 6AL4V Titanium without any problems. The Italian Barber RazoRock Wunderbar slant razor is machined out of 316 SS per their web site. I do not know of any SS razor made of a more corrosion resistant alloy or any commonly available Titanium razors.
  20. Do you have an update ??

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