Timeless OC 68 Knurled Handle (New Arrival)

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by SaddleSC, Sep 15, 2018.

    Hey guys and gals,
    I am very excited that my new Timeless OC 68 just arrived...this is my first "high-end" SS razor (other than my Rockwell 6S) and so far, I am blown away by the quality.

    As far as the configuration...it took me a few days to make all my selections. I went with the .68 OC base plate because I wanted this razor to be mild enough to be a daily driver, but efficient enough to knock down thicker stubble on Monday morning. I also think the OC head looks amazing.

    I decided on the H1 Knurled handle because I wanted a short 85mm handle and prefer the more minimalist look of a classic knurled design. Because I went with a simpler (less ornate handle) I then decided on the smooth top cap. I think it matches the knurled handle well and really makes the OC base plate the star of the show visually.

    My first shave will be tomorrow morning, but I just needed to share my enthusiasm with other like-minded folks...I will report back with a full review tomorrow!

  1. Congratulations, it's a beauty! I'm sure you will be very pleased with its performance.
  2. Congrats, great choice, enjoy the shave
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    @SaddleSC, what a beauty!! In a hundred years that will still look like an amazing classic!! Can't wait to here how your first shave goes!!
  4. Congratulations, it's a great razor. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
  5. Awesome razor. Timeless is my #1 razor. It's the smoothest razor for me.
  6. My 0.95OC is my #1 DE razor, enjoy! Absolutely beautiful.
  7. Sweet!
  8. Thanks, everyone for the kind words! This razor is a work of art and is beckoning to me...I usually shave in the morning, but I am having trouble waiting until tomorrow...I may just have a nice shave before bed...I will keep everyone posted!

    Which configuration (handle/top plate) do you guys have? I am already thinking about adding a second handle just to change up the look every week or so! (I would love to see some pics if you guys have them handy)
  9. I have the 85mm barber handle and the scalloped cap. I kind of wish I had ordered the smooth cap to be honest, but the scalloped still looks nice and the handle is amazing. I do want to try the knurled handle, your razor has the perfect balance of style and utility.
  10. Thanks! Timeless makes some great looking handles...in fact, there isn't a single one I don't like. Barber Pole is a real beauty. Dimpled is nice. I even like the Plaid, which has been discontinued. At $40, seems like a steal.
  11. I have both smooth and scalloped caps, SC and OC in the 68 plates, and SB for the 95. I have two of the 85mm barber pole handles, so that I can go from a complete 68 to a complete 95 without having to breakdown and reassemble.
  12. Fantastic setup! After experiencing the quality firsthand, I am pretty sure my setup will look exactly like yours in a couple months. How do you like the 95 SB? That is most likely the next base plate on my list. Although TBH, I am not sure how much I would use it. I just gave the 68 OC its inaugural shave and it was absolute perfection. Gentle enough for daily use, but super efficient. Which head do you use the most? If I were to buy the 95, would you recommend the SB or the SC? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
  13. I ordered their dual comb baseplate SB/OC. Best of both worlds
  14. Good idea...68 or 95? I may do a dual comb SB/SC.
  15. I use the 95 SB with the smooth cap most often, as a daily driver in fact. My rotation changes between several different razors, but the 95 SB gives me the closest shaves of any I own.

    When I'm on a week of 2 long cycle with the 95, I usually do a 2-pass buffing shave, XG and AG. It accomplishes a closer shave in 2 passes than my others can in 3 or more. The reason for me doing it this way is to eliminate chances for irritation, and it works for me very well.

    Although I don't have experience with the SC 95 plate, I do with the SC 68. In my opinion, there's little difference between the SC and SB plates beyond appearance . I'm sure that you would be very happy with either one.
  16. I have the 95 which I still find very smooth. I prefer more efficient razors and the 95 is in the sweet spot for me.
  17. I love the .68 and have had so many different configurations in the timeless line up. I currently own the .95 open-comb titanium and it’s amazing! Scalloped head. Because it’s lighter it appears to be more of a milder shaver than the same one in steel. Feels like somewhere between the .68 and ..95 as far as feeling but crazy efficient.

    Timeless is a great company and can’t go wrong with any of their razors.

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  18. Have the Timeless .68 Scalloped Cap with an open comb and the scalloped bases. Plaid handle. Has been on loan for awhile so stole a pic from someone sampling it currently. He takes better pics then me !! :001_cool:
  19. Fantastic looking razor!
    Love the 68 oc. The long pineapple handle spoiled me on long handles. Im thinking of the 95 sb too.

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