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Timeless Bronze Pass Around Tour

Got a first shave in with the OC timeless and the second use Nacet blade. I used a titanium handle to lighten it up a little bit.
I got a pretty good shave it wasn't as smooth as I'd hoped for but it was still a pretty good shave.
I might try a different blade tomorrow night with another two days of growth.
It's been a few hours now since I shaved probably 13 or more and I don't think your average person would see my stubble, which I do have a little bit more than some razors on my below the jawline area,
Second shave with the timeless OC ,78.
This time was with two and a half days of growth I used a feather blade on the first use with the newest base of A&E soap.
My face was pretty rebuilt from previous shaves, and I dare to say a little tougher or more durable, possibly.
The first pass took it down real nice especially on my cheeks, but my below the jawline is always very very difficult. I went ahead on with two more passes.
I ended up with a very nice shave I did get a couple of weepers in my usual spots rough chin area type deal.
I did notice I can go sideways on my neck fairly comfortable I'm not sure if that's the razor or the fact that my skin was restored from extra days between shaves. Will report back after another shave
Got to shave in last night with two days of growth and the feathers second use blade. It was a pretty efficient shave although I did pick up more reapers than I really care for, which is usually some rough ATG action that I probably shouldn't even do but let's get these whiskers off and close.
I did basically at two pass shave on the cheeks but 3 plus passes on the jawline and below.
A really nice shave. Go my right side jawline neck was a little less smooth then I could have got it.
I'll be shipping it out to the next participant no later than Saturday because of my work schedule.
I'm not really enjoying the type of metal this is made from what is it bronze and it's a little bit heavy for my liking but I really dig the efficiency it's a nice razor, and more efficient than others that I happen to own.
Got a shave last night with the .78 OC plates again on the Timeless bronze this time I went with the first use Perma Sharp blade in the gold pack and declaration grooming milk steak soap. I hadn't used that soap in a while and went with the 20 to 30 second load on a super soft mother load synthetic brush.
I'm not sure if I didn't get plenty of soap since I hadn't use that soap in a long time but it was a harsh shave with my skin being sore before I was finished so I quit early. It was only about 75 or 80% of a really good shave.
I'll try to get at least one more shave in before I box her up to send out Saturday at the latest to @Marhos24
I'll probably go with the milder plate and a couple of days growth on the next and probably last shave.
I got my last shave with the Timeless bronze last night and use the SB lower Gap. Use the feather blade with two or three uses on it as I lost count.
It was a pretty smooth shave but I had quite a bit of stubble left over.
I think it was good for my skin to recoup a little bit. No weepers or anything just not really that close.
I shipped the razor out USPS priority with insurance. Thanks @juno for the passaround.
Received the razor in good condition yesterday and had my first shave last night. Lathered up some Soap Commander Endurance (also from a passaround) and loaded a once used Gillette platinum in the razor. The razor has some heft but is very well balanced. I love the look and "warmth" of bronze. The razor is very well made as expected from timeless, with very tight tolerances. The shave was surprisingly good! I wasn't expecting to like the .38 plate as I prefer more aggressive/efficient razors usually. I even brought the .78 plate with me expecting to swap them out after the first pass. The razor was able to remove 2 days growth with no issues. For obvious reasons the shave was not as close after one pass as some more efficient razors, but it was very comfortable. I never felt like I was going to get cut or razor burn. 2nd pass I did a hybrid of XTG/ATG which was again very comfortable. My sensitive spots had no irritation. Once all done and washed off there was some slight stubble along my jawline, but I wasn't going to push it. One of the most comfortable shaves in awhile. Finished up with some ZM "the explorer" balm and called it a night. Look forward to trying the .78 plate in a few days! 20201014_192136.jpg 20201014_192151.jpg
I spoke with Juno - the owner of the Razor - and he authorized me to get added to this pass around. Can someone tell me who has this @Marhos24 I can PM you my address (assuming there is nobody ahead of me in the queue). Thanks
I spoke with Juno - the owner of the Razor - and he authorized me to get added to this pass around. Can someone tell me who has this @Marhos24 I can PM you my address (assuming there is nobody ahead of me in the queue). Thanks
Hi, can you give me his contact info? It still appears he hasn't been on the forum since August 31. Thanks!
Hi, can you give me his contact info? It still appears he hasn't been on the forum since August 31. Thanks!
He has the same username over on that site, I assume? Nice you guys got in touch with him.
Hope before this is finished or when it is Juno know how we all appreciate this. Very nice 👍
Had my first shave with the .78 OC today. Used a sample of DG Nightman soap and a new Gillette Platinum blade. Definately more blade feel than the .38. I usually don't like OC razors very much, but this one shaves nicely. It never felt like it was going to bite or give me irritation. I think the top of the teeth could be rounded off a bit on the baseplate, and that would make it shave a bit more comfortable. They seem to have a corner on the top, making it feel more aggressive than it is. Similar to the blackbird. The safety bar is sharp which gives the false sense of crazy blade feel at certain angles (IMHO). Even though the BB is a beast of a razor, lol. Open to others opinions on that as I'm curious what they think. Regardless, the shave was a bit closer after two passes versus the .38 SB. I'll need one more shave with it before comparing it to other razors. Unfortunately no pictures as I was in a hurry!
Razor was sent out a few days ago to the next participant. I had a really great time using this razor, but don't think I'll be purchasing one. It just did not work for me as well as some of my other razors.

I was able to get two shaves with each baseplate and used a variety of soaps im comfortable with. The .38 baseplate was wonderfully smooth and very mild, as expected. The .78 was more efficient than the .38 (as expected) but sacrificed some comfort to get there. I wouldn't say the .78 was harsh, but I ended up with a few weepers on my neck for both shaves, which is a rarity for me. Also, the efficiency wasn't on par with my efficiency kings (blackbird and CG lvl 3) while the shave felt more harsh and less smooth. All of this could be from my dislike of OC razors, since I never seem to get good shaves from them. Regardless of my thoughts these are well made beautiful razors. The whole set belongs together with the stand and two baseplates. Thank you to Juno for putting on this passaround, im glad I was able to participate!
The set arrived in my mailbox a few minutes ago, and I'm keen to try it first thing in the morning. I'll start with the .38 base plate with a fresh Astra SP. Arko, SOC Cherry boar, and Acqua Velva Sport will get a turn, too. See you tomorrow!
Shave 1

Hot shower
Razor: Timeless Bronze .38
Blade: Astra SP
Soap: Arko puck
Brush: Semogue SOC Cherry boar
Aftershave: Aqua Velva Ice Sport

This was a fantastic shave. The .38 was actually way more efficient than I expected...pretty much on par with my Timeless .68 OC...and the whole experience was smooth and problem-free, beginning to end. Two passes (WTG and XTG) left me with a DFS. This could easily be anyone's daily driver, and should probably be one of the top recommendations for those new to DE shaving. Finding the angle is simple, keeping it is easy, and you can buff to your heart's content. Although I could hear the blade with every stroke, I couldn't feel it, and I doubt anyone could cut themselves with the .38 plate. I'll try the .78 OC tomorrow with the same gear.

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