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Timeless Bronze .38 Review and Analysis

Oh yes, definitely still liking it. It's become the go-to razor for quick daily shaves using a Perma-Sharp Super, more often than not with a single ATG pass now. Not the closest shave in the world, but comfortable and efficient. It has now supplanted the Rockwell 6S as the daily.

The only other razor still in the bathroom is the Timeless .68 SB, which serves as the sunday shave or for those occasions I have the time to get a closer result.

Honestly, I'd be pretty bummed if I had to choose between them, they're both awesome. But, if it came to that the Bronze would get the nod.
I was considering BLONZE,but I thought it was too heavy..
My personal limit is around 100g.

I focus on lighter titanium ONLY! But I will not buy it titanium. Of course it's too expensive.


What a fantastic write up. I received this razor on Valentine's Day and have been using it since. Not the most efficient razor, but super comfy. I get a nice BBS except for the trouble spots on my neck. Got a few weepers with the Feather. Kicking major butt with a Polsilver SI. Not been a fan of the polsilver with any other razor. But I read on another thread that it was terrific in the Bronze so I tried one. And it is! So my results are quite consistent with everyone here. Thanks Dave for such tremendous info!
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