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FS Timeless Bronze .38 - ATT S1 closed comb slant + FREE brush and soap combo of your choosing with razor purchase

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Looking to free up my collection a little bit and actually decided to part with a couple of my more recent additions which in hindsight I felt were a bit on the "impulse buy" side of things, as usual shipping will be CONUS only and the shipping price is included in the price of the item

Timeless Bronze .38 $90

Only shaved with it a couple times, so it's still in fairly new condition, not too much patina forming quite yet aside from where the handle meets the baseplate, originally paid about 130 for it, and would like to let it go for $90. Includes everything that was originally included with the razor as pictured.


Above The Tie S1 slant close comb $120

Another case of having only a few shaves at best done with it, felt it was a bit too mild for my liking, an otherwise well made and comfortable shaver, originally paid 165, asking selling price is 120, again includes everything that was sent with the razor.


Semogue Galahad horse (new), Semogue Excelsior 820, Wholly Kaw Denarius soap (vegan), Ariana & Evans Wood Lavender shave butter; pick and choose one brush and one soap along with whichever razor you purchase at no extra cost. The Excelsior is lightly used, the Galahad is brand new, soaps about half used.


Thanks for looking!
Timeless SOLD, buyer also chose the Semogue Galahad horse and the A&E Wood Lavender shave butter

ATT S1 remains for sale as does the Semogue Excelsior boar and Wholly Kaw Denarius as the freebies with purchase
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