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Timeless 95, Bronze, Karve, Mamba70, BBS

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Letting some beauties go to fund my Wolfman habbit... All items are listed including shipping conus, and includes Paypal Goods and Services fees. If you are looking to have an item shipped out of the continental USA, please reach out directly for a shipping quote.

1) Timeless 95 Scallop. Matte finished head. Polished Plaid handle (currently out of production), but the plaid knurling makes it match the Matte head perfectly. Excellent shape. Great razor! Lists new at $220, Lists scratch and dent at $170. Price is $140 shipping and Paypal.

2) Timeless Bronze. Solid bar. I keep this razor Au Naturale, so it has a massive amount of patina. I like it this way and would never polish this razor for my own use. Its a beautiful hunk of metal that reminds me of old Zildjian cymbals. But I am sure this would polish up just fine if someone were so inclined. Really good shaver too! Lists scratch and dent for $115. Buy this one pre patina'ed for $90 shipped and paypal.

3) Karve Brass. I have 5 plates for this razor! This is a first run Karve by Chris Bradley. Standard original cap. Fit and finish on this razor is awesome. Just twisting on the handle you can feel how well everything is machined. This one is also Au Naturale, and has years of patina. But brass doesnt patina as crazy as bronze does. So this one has a nice refined aged look to it. This razor comes with 5 plates: C SB, C OC, D SB, D OC, E SB. Get the whole kit and caboodle for $120 shipped and paypal.

4) Razorock BBS with Maggard MR-22 stainless handle. Very low mileage on this one. Nice non-original handle. Good deal for an all stainless package. Nice shaves from this guy! $40 shipped and paypal.

5) Razorock Mamba 70 with the original 2 piece stainless Halo handle. Low mileage. Nice all stainless razor and handle. $40 shipped and paypal.


1) Timeless 95:
Timeless 95 - full.jpg

Timeless 95 - btm.jpg

Timeless 95 - tops.jpg

2) Timeless Bronze:
Timeless Bronze - apart.jpg

Timeless Bronze - btm.jpg

Timeless Bronze - full2.jpg

3) Karve with 5 plates:
Karve - full.jpg

Karve - btm.jpg

Karve - tops.jpg
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great sale of some beautiful razors! I'm waiting for the copper Charcoal Goods lvl 3! Copper is way too heavy to travel with. 😁
great sale of some beautiful razors! I'm waiting for the copper Charcoal Goods lvl 3! Copper is way too heavy to travel with. 😁

Sorry, I dont have a copper Level 3. I have one in brass and one in stainless. Copper seems to be very elusive in the charcoal goods. Especially in the Level 3. I do have a copper Level 2 and it is quite a cool razor. thanks!
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