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FS Timeless .68 OC and Henson Ti22 Medium

This Timeless is my 2nd favorite razor of all time, slightly below the same razor in full titanium. It’s too much redundancy for me to keep both and I always grab for the Ti instead of the SS, so letting this .68OC version go. This is an absolutely wonderful razor, it’s extremely efficient and still comfortable at the same time. The SS is actually smoother feeling to me than the Ti version because of the extra weight in the head. This has neutral blade exposure and makes a fantastic daily shaver. They don’t call it the RAD killer for nothing. Interchangeable and compatible with all other SS (and Ti for that matter) baseplates offered by Timeless, so if you want to try the .95, slim, SB, or scalloped versions down the road this will work just fine. I’m selling it with the the 85mm Timeless TITANIUM handle, which weighs 50g, for a total razor weight of 91g. The Timeless TRH6 titanium handle is a little long for my personal preference, but I personally feel it’s better balanced when paired to the SS head than it is with the Ti head. Razor was purchased new by me directly from Timeless and comes with all original packaging and documentation, as well as an unused blue Timeless shave towel. MSRP for this complete SS razor (with equivalent SS handle) is $240, asking $200 shipped CONUS. Used a total of maybe 6 times.

I ordered th Henson Ti22 (medium aggression) titanium safety razor direct from Maggard Razors last week. I've shaved with it twice, it's just not for me as I prefer the Timeless titanium .68 and I'm not one to keep razors/equipment I won't use. Passing it along to anyone who wants to save a few bucks. FWIW, Henson stated that they have no plans to start production on the Ti22 razors again for several months, so these will be hard to come by for a little while. Comes with original packaging and a tuck of Astra SP blades that were included with the purchase. MSRP is $250, asking $235 shipped and insured.


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