FS Timeless 0.95 OC Razor

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    Hi B&B,

    Selling my Timeless razor. It's the 0.95 OC with scalloped cap. There is a scratch on the bottom of the base plate as shown in the photos, it's not deep but does affect the finish but not the shave. Great medium aggressive razor.

    From the returns section of Timeless it's $190 USD ($255 CAD), so asking 170 USD ($230 CAD) shipped to Canada and CONUS. If buy is elsewhere, I am willing to ship with buyer paying shipping costs.

    Let me know if you have any questions or want more info.

    Resized_20190516_184308.jpg Resized_20190516_184317.jpg Resized_20190516_184328.jpg Resized_20190516_184517.jpg Resized_20190516_184532.jpg Resized_20190516_184547.jpg
  1. This is ss right? Not titanium.
  2. Whoops forgot that. Yes it's SS. The handle is the Timeless Knurled handle.
  3. Somnos

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    PM sent
  4. Timeless sold, thanks B&B!
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