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time to smell nice :)

OK good chunk of my life I taught scuba so in and out of water all day working on boats etc.. no real reason or room for it :)
then other half worked mostly as a photographer so could have just never got into it ? bummer :) hahahahaa

I was into old spice and used the standard deodorant and used to get you smell good a lot :) kinda funny as it was just pit stick :)

my only past with cologne was in the early 80s when my friend who liked to dress nice told me buy some Quorum :)

part of why I decided to try this see what I think was the soaps and AS splashes I kinda am having fun with that scent thing

got some free samples form a decanter we did some work for and having fun trying them so kinda jump started me

I did buy two Cremo colognes recently the Bergamot and musk and the spice and black vanilla which is my fav ! so might go see what this actual spice bomb is like
I do love the Cremo scent and cheap enough if I decide smelling nice longer is not my thing its no loss and its a starting point to this journey !

I need to learn what I love which is/will be part of the fun !

I work from home and do not really go out so more for me and wife and when I go out to smell good without the OH dude is wearing something ! more the you smell nice without being told :) sure ya know what I mean the subtle when out wins !

I do notice some scents just do not last and the sillage is not like I read in reviews etc.. read that some scents do just not work the same on some peoples chemistry ? curious what others think ?

funny side note every time I wear Pinaud Clubman before even before I got into cologne/parfume etc.. my wife always said you smell good :) chalk one of for the clubman which is newer to me never got that with my old spice :) hahahahaha

so far top two are Cremo spice bomb homage and creed Aventus :)
part of why I decided to try this see what I think was the soaps and AS splashes I kinda am having fun with that scent thing

That's exactly how I got started. I was getting into the aftershaves as part of my shave journey and decided to branch out to colognes. Picked up two variety packs of Cuba Paris scents, eight in total, and found out that most of the scents were clones of existing fragrances. That led to reading up on the various fragrances and purchase of a lot of inexpensive scents. Watched a lot of youtube reviewers. As my nose developed and knowledge expanded, so did the amount I was willing to spend on a cologne.

It's been fun and interesting. But with almost 150 fragrances, I'm hoping to put a halt on buying anymore in 2022.

We'll see how that goes :biggrin1:
150 WOW

yeah I have been on one frag site seeing what others liked in comparisons and notes on what makes that scent
going to take a while and again its a just left the house adventure with no destination yet journey and reckon like this DE world it will never end :)

today put on that Cremo Spice Vanilla and do love that

I do think like soaps and razors and blades one has to try as many as you need to find what you want and enjoy :)
Yea same here i started wetshaving and found some decently long lasting aftershave and that led to just me going for fragrance and now I don't even shave any more been with my beard for 2 months now but atleast I smell good and now I have around 12 fragrances and plan for more.
Here’s the thing …your nose gets used to a fragrance pretty fast kinda like you have a scent yourself you can’t really smell it but others can….a couple whiffs and your nose goes into over sensory I like to call it…you may not be able to smell something your wearing but trust me…others probably can especially in wind or air con ….however the same thing for them they may get one or two wafts then thats all they may get.. over sensory …I can 100% guarantee if I wear brut I may not smell it after one or two sniffs but everyone else sure as heck can 😂
going after colognes is a really deep, dark rabbit hole!
take your time and test, learn, do it again!
so many options to take your $$$!!

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The answer to your question depends upon your specific definition of the word "nice."

The preference of your wife is most important. She's the one who will be sniffing you the most.
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