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Time To Make Room For All The New Stuff...

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I'm doing a herd cull to make room for the new stuff I've purchased and to also give fellow B&Bers the chance to pick up some very nice razors and sets, IMHO.
I'm looking to sell, but if you have something interesting to trade I will take a look at what you're presenting. Not interested in soaps, balms, brushes etc...I have lots of those.
Also all my prices will include shipping to Canada and the USA. If you live somewhere else, I will have to calculate any extra charges.
For example I use $25 CAD as my base for shipping and if it turns out your shipping requires $40 CAD I will add $15 to the selling price. Ok?
Also, again please understand my prices are in Canadian dollars. If you live in the US the exchange rates favour you to the tune of almost 30%. Example: for a $225 dollar razor set your costs in US dollars would be just under $170.00. Please excuse me if I'm being overly retentive about this, but I've had some pretty silly experiences with people on Ebay etc.
I accept PayPal.
If you do have any questions please get back to me at anytime.
Now on with the show
First up.
For your consideration a 1921 Gillette combination set. This is in pretty good condition with the usual cracking on the lid and flap hinges. It snap[s together with no problems. Inside is the 3 piece New Standard Gillette safety razor with one of the lowest serial numbers I've seen. 542A. Plus on the handle just above the tightening knob PAT. JAN 13 1920 is stamped. The head cap has some light scratching and the teeth are all straight. Also included are 2 cardboard blade banks and a pair of shaving brush and soap tubes. The brush was not with the set when I got it, years ago. The tubes have scratching and some pitting but are generally in good shape. The one tube has some pinkish residue which may have been from a soap or something. It's not rust and may have been some type of protective coating for either the soap or the brush. The interior of the case is in good condition as well. Now there's a button which a previous owner had attached to the lid of the box and appears to be a Mason's lodge symbol. I left it on mainly because it was better than having a hole in the lid.
A pretty nice set from almost 100 years ago. These razors give a nice comfortable shave and this makes a good addition to a collection as well. Asking $225 shipped with tracking.
IMG_0423.JPG IMG_0428.JPG IMG_0421.JPG
For your collection or your shaving rotation. A 1922 cased Richwood safety razor set. Contains a 3 piece New Improved safety razor and chrome blade case. The razor has been re-plated in silver because of some wear to bring it back to it's former beauty. There is one tiny little chip on the cap. The teeth are all straight and this is a very good and comfortable shaver. The blade case is in pretty good shape with some wear and scratches. The case is in a Mahogany finish and has stood the passage of time pretty damn good. As you might expect there are some scratches, some very small chips and wear marks.
A beautiful example of the quality and design Gillette put into their safety razors. These cased sets are not that easily found, especially in this condition. Asking $200, shipped with tracking.
Thanx for looking.
IMG_0462.JPG IMG_0469.JPG

Next. A beautiful 1921 "Big Fellow" safety razor by Gillette. This is a big, gorgeous razor which has been re-plated in silver. Teeth are straight. The blade case has been re-chromed as well. The basswood case shows some wear with some scuffs and small chips on the base and has a nice patina of age. An excellent shaver that has been fully re-stored. These do not come up often and are a terrific addition to any collection. Asking $225 shipped with tracking. Thanx for looking.
IMG_0392.JPG 690647-c4ab82fe512bba3632aee5f430178cee.jpg

This is a very hard to find Schick Imperial Shaving kit. This set is in mint condition. The outside wrapper is the only thing that shows any age. It does have some tears and is brittle but it's also from between 1935-45 which is the time period for the "E" style of razor. The case is in beautiful condition with very light scratching probably from removing it from the wrapper. Inside the case is darn near perfect. The mirror is in the lid and is clear and bright. The razor is gold in colour with a bakelite handle. There's also a black injector with blades as well. I am also including two more injectors as well. A really attractive set for any wet shaver and their collection. Asking $125 includes shipping with tracking.
Thanx for looking.
IMG_0505.JPG IMG_0506.JPG

Lastly. A vintage ROTBART safety razor. Excellent German razors, medium shave and very comfortable. Comes with original blades and a plastic case. The case opens and closes easily. There's some slight discolouring on the bottom and a small mark on the back hinge. Very little wear to the razor which is a 2 piece. Teeth are straight. The name ROTBART is stamped on the bottom band of the handle. A nice little set to travel with or use in your shave rotation. Asking $100 includes shipping and tracking. Thanx for looking.
Guys, I've spoken to a few friends here and perhaps I've listed my razors a bit too high. So I've now reduced the prices as follows
1. The Combination set was $225 is now $175 Canadian funds, includes shipping and tracking
2. The Richwood set was $200 is now $150 Canadian funds, includes shipping and tracking
3. The Schick Imperial set was $125 is now $100 Canadian funds, includes shipping and tracking
4. The Rotbart set was $100 is now $75 Canadian funds, includes shipping and tracking.
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