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Time and experience may change you mind

After a number of years, I have found my skill and technique have greatly improved and that what was once an ok razor can become a great razor.

The idea of using a forgotten razor may seem unappealing at first, because it was likely forgotten because something better replaced it.

I‘m going to skip past my vintage collection and go to my first higher end modern razor. Years ago I traded a few vintage razors with Stan for a new Above the Tie Atlas handled M1. I believe this now dinosaur is called Classic. I used it often, but hungered for something better. For me it was a Timeless Titanium 0.68. You can get the sense that my sweet spot was and still is mild to moderate. The Timeless soon replaced the ATT as my preferred razor. Titanium needs to be experienced to believe as the face feel is very different. Next I ventured to the Janus which was far too aggressive for me and I returned to the Timeless. But I had a bug for something new and pre-ordered a Blackland Tradere SB which became my favorite razor ever and my usual choice.

I would occasionally switch it up on special days, my late wife’s birth quarter Red Tip Superspeed would be used on her birthday and anniversary, an Old Type on my late father’s birthday, a Goodwill on my late mother’s birthday, etc because their manufacture dates approximated whe my loved ones were born. The Timeless became my travel razor and the ATT was forgotten.

Just for kicks I pulled out the ATT this week and had two excellent shaves and will use it for the next two days as well. The ATT is a fine razor and will see more use in the future.

I shave daily and expect to return to the Blackland Tradere SB as my primary razor but am astounded at how much better the ATT got solely based on me getting better.

Pulling out a forgotten razor may just yield a pleasant surprise. YMMV.
Great post!

The razor is the same but you are now much improved: to the point where you appreciate a fine shaver!
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