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Tim Zowada 6/8 Damascus Worked Back W/Zebrawood Scales - Discussion Thread....

I disagree with regards to your gripe about the superfluous second pin. I find it balances the scales nicely (in a visual sense). It might even add a little strength to the wood. In my experience, woods with a wide and straight grain like that will have a tendency to split. I've had to toss 3 pieces of B&W ebony because of this.
Just out of curiosity, what made you decide to use the Escher and Chromium Oxide on this razor out of all your hones?

Just needed a quick touchup, as it seemed to be "almost there." Chrome Oxide finish for me, provides about the smoothest edge out there.
I have a 7/8s Zowada and I pretty much agree with Joel on just about every point. My razor has purple heart wood and I think on a razor of this type a glossy finish would not look good. I prefer the mat finish. I've had mine several months now and I got about 40 shaves before having to do a touchup hone. I have a vintage escher and found about 50 strokes on that brought the razor back to perfection. Just a sidenote, I also have a TI damascus and like Joel my feelings about it are really mixed but the one thing I will say about it is that at this point I've had probably close to 100 shaves from it and it has never touched a hone since it was originally honed and shaves great. Tough Steel.


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Yeah, but does he like it? :lol:

Well, now I know who to blame when I fall victim to my next bout of RAD ...
Excellent review. I have always loved damascus steel even though there are modern steels with better qualities for razor steel, especially in the edge forming and holding department. Nonetheless, I would love to find one of these for < $1000.00 .
I read the review and it seems like a very nice job of being honest and constructively assessing the razor.

I have to ask after reading it though, it seems that you feel that as a razor it is outstanding, and that most of the shortfalls are cosmetic and things that you think you ought to be able to expect for the price. Having said that, you mention that the TI Damascus is not nearly as nice a blade for the same price. It seems to me that you are getting good value, and that the same blade with much fancier scales or case or whatever would/should be a fair bit more expensive, and I guess the question would be whether you'd rather pay $1200 for the same razor with the fancy scales and nicer case etc. My guess is you might mention at that point how much cheaper the TI is...

Not trying to give you flack but it does seem to me reading your comments that you got quite good value in your razor.

Does anyone have a Boker damascus? It's in the same price range and as these. I was just wondering how it compared.
Does anyone have a Boker damascus? It's in the same price range and as these. I was just wondering how it compared.

I have a vintage Boker that says "Magnetic Steel - Damascus" on the blade, but it is definitely not Damascus steel. :biggrin: It shaves great though.
I wasn't aware that Boker actually made an edge with true Damascus steel.
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