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Thrift store gold!

I'm not a lucky kind of guy, but sometimes even losers get struck by lightning.

Got off early from work and decided to walk through the local thrift store. It seemed unusually bare and picked over. I was thinking I had wasted my 15 minutes of freedom...until I happened to glance in the silverware bin. There amongst the bent forks and dull steak knives what do I see?

A vintage bamboo root shaving brush handle!!!

There were only two periods when this would have been fashionable- late eighteen hundreds and again in the teens and 20s. In the 1920s it was more likely that something would have been fashioned to look like bamboo. Real Bamboo would have been in vogue in the earlier trend.

So I'm guessing I got an 1880s aesthetic/japanesque handle for freakin' 99 cents!!!!


I got a knot from The Golden Nib ( first rate knot, the delivery was insanely fast, highly recommend them), and I'm in business.

The bamboo root has an asymmetry that is sweet to hold. Your hand just gravitates to the perfect grip. The bamboo is hard as rock and polished to a shine. I freakin' love this thing!

I was planning all sorts of complicated have-to-build-another-project brush racks for it, then I saw this in the living room and bam, now the brush has a holder. Plus there's a kind of Freudian pleasure putting the brush away to dry...


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