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Three-Piece Thursday

Nice setup! The attention to detail with the machining looks impressive.

I forgot to post in here yesterday, but I did break out my NEW with a Wilkinson Sword, Semogue 1305, and some Arko.
This was my grandfather's Tech it has the triangle slots and is actually made of steel. So I would assume it was made in 1943 like the steel penny and is most likely what he carried in WWII . My mom just gave it to me a couple of weeks ago. I have used it a couple of time To be honest Techs don't give me the best shave, but it is a nice experience to use it and I am sure it will still make occasional appearances in my rotation.
Nice razor! That's pretty cool that you've got an heirloom from your grandfather.

The Wilkinson Sword that I loaded into my NEW last week made it all the way to this morning...so my 3-piece Thursday shave was similar to last weeks...though I used VDH luxury instead of Arko.
Big Gillette Tech fan and New OC user. The 3 piece razors just seem to make the most sense to my style and thinking.
I'm in for this on Thursdays...


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Gillette New SC with Feather blade
Arko and alum
Three-Piece Thursday then Clubman Friday.
Does it get any better?

Nice vintage Gillettes there! From today for about another week it'll be "Three Piece Thursday" for me. I'm going to be doing some travelling, so I'm getting re-acquainted with my Merkur 23c, as I don't pack vintage stuff when I fly.

Merkur 23C
Gillette Silver Blue (4th)
Simpson Special
Tabac Soap
Pinaud Lilac Vegetal

This was my first time trying the Tabac. Though it wasn't the best looking lather, it was nice and slick. I'm sure I'll get better lathers as I learn how this soap likes to be treated.
Topped off my Wisper silver handle with a vintage Tech nickel triangle slot head.
Feather blade
Beau Brummell badger brush
Proraso soap and pre-shave for post-shave balm (Figured I'd try it...)
Bay Rum AS
Good Deal!
Wisper handled Nickel Tech from before WWll, and Feather Blade
Beau Brummell Best Badger Brush
VDH Deluxe Soap in VDH Mug
Bay Rum
Another fine 3 Piece Thursday...
This morning was the New LC with Bar Handle (Head has lost gold wash, but excellent condition)
Parker Best Badger Brush
Arko Stick soap
Clubman Musk AS and Clubman Talc
Love the 3 piece OCs...
This morning I used a Merkur 15c (open comb). I got it in earlier this week, and this was my third shave with it. So far I like this razor, and it may take the place of my 23c for air travel.
Gillette New SC with fresh Merkur stainless blade
Arko and alum
Roseville pottery bowl and Parker Best brush
One of my best shaves to date.
I am loving the NEW short comb more every time I use it. It might even be more favored than the Pre-war Tech at this point.
THAT is saying A LOT.
Viva la tres pieces!

Well said, sir!

One of you guys PM'd me a day or three ago asking me to post photos of my Merkurs. Good news, bad news.

The Bad News: I can't, because they're not currently in my possession.

The Good News: They (along with my Fatboy) are on loan to a friend of mine who I am winning over to DE wetshaving. I'll post pics of my Merkurs when I have them back.

In the meantime, here's a pic of the vintage 3-piece razors that are (mostly) in my rotation. Left to right: '40s Tech, '30s Tech, NEW, New and Improved, Old Type.


The Old Type is a very recent acquisition, and I haven't shaved with it yet. That's why I said "mostly" in my rotation.

I think the Tech is a great vintage razor value. I find the '30s Tech to be a tad more aggressive than the 40's Tech. The '40s Tech performs well while behaving nicely with really sharp blades like Feathers.

The NEW and New and Improved are currently my go-to razors for date nights - they give great shaves. The NEW is not nearly as aggressive as it looks, and gives excellent audible feedback. The New and Improved is one of the more aggressive razors I own; if you ever stick a Feather in one of these (and I have) do it when you can take your time and be intentional about it. I really feel the edge on my skin with this one.
Tomorrow is my Pre-War Fat Handle Tech Night, which fits the bill as a Fat Handle Tech Thursday. The truth of the matter is- I shave every morning at 0400 with mine. I am preparing two for Chris Evatt to re- plate in nickel. So 0400 is Fat Handle Tech Time methinks... This is the only razor to truly spark my interest beyond the early Super Speed era, primarily in that it does share a similar shave culture which paralleled that of the early Super Speed. Ball End and Bakelite Handle Techs were of course the basis for the WWII Contract Tech razor that shaved many a GI face during that war. Thank you sall for giving this fine razor, arguably Gillette's best, a place in the bathroom light if you will... God Bless! Tony Brown RN mgbbrown
Gillette Ball End Contract Tech Circa 1942.JPG
Gillette Prewar Gold Tech Razor.JPG
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