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Thoughts on the RazoRock Eco

Well guys, like the title says. What do you think about this soon to be launched half-a-blade using razor? I think its an interesting alternative to a single edge, will be very economical to use. I generally enjoy RazoRock's razors, and I am likely to pick one up. This does bring to mind a question though, does a DE blade break perfectly in half every time?
Razorock ECO seems like the type of razor that I would use since I have no single edge razors. As for the blade, it probably doesn't break perfectly everytime so the blade exposure might vary slightly for each blade. If you want, you can get pre-broken half DE blades from sites like Amazon.
The blade doesn't have to break perfectly. The blade will be positioned by the cutouts snugging up against the pins. The distance from the cutout to the blade edge will always be consistent.

Same as with the Focus Dynamic and with shavettes.
I have the focus r48 which is the same idea.

DE blades are VERY easy to break half and completely safe as you keep them in the paper.

The ALWAYS break evenly. The focus makes us of the little curved bit of the blade after you break it , to assist being held in place correctly.
Is there any advantage to this razor compared to a double edge safety? Other than your not having to flip the razor from side to side?
It seems mostly aimed toward new people who could be turned off by the fact that there is a blade on both sides of the razor. @Jenks I didn't realize there were pins in the head from the pictures I thought it was just flat where the blade pushed against it snapped in half. It comes with 100 crown blades, which I have never used but I have heard decent things.
I have the Focus Dynamic R48 and use it daily for go-to-work shaves. The three things that I like about it are: it is impossible to cut yourself even when half asleep; the pivot allows for quick work on tricky bits; and the small head size makes it very manoevrable and great under the nose. What I don't like is: blade loading; and performance on longer growth. I use it when I shave regularly but switch to other razors if I have more than a couple of days of growth.

To me, it doesn't look like the Eco would have the size and manoevrability of the R48 to offset the potential deficit in performance compared to the AC version.
I'm also pretty hype about it, the gold would look nice next to my butterscotch grizzly bay brushes!
I think they are wasting their time on this and should focus more on bringing back the SS Hawk or making a narrower version to accept an injector blade for those not wanting to use the wider A/C blade...
You don't have to flip a DE razor lots of
Users only use one side of DC DE's
Wow, I would have never thought that. I have always spun the razor around, switching sides, on every rinse.

I'm cautiously curious about this one. If it gets good reviews, and is a mild but efficient razor, I'll probably give it a shot.

I jumped on the Lupo, and it is good. Just more agressive than my Rockwell. Subsequently, I am finding it less preferred (even though it will give a closer shave, hands down).

Time will tell...
I give Italian Barber / Razorock credit for coming up with an inexpensive SE razor that uses a half DE blade. Most of the modern SE razors are expensive (and the blades are expensive) and the Eco gives a guy a chance to try a budget model SE to see if this kind of razor works for them. Also it is a razor that you could take with you when you travel and not worry too much about losing it. Easy to replace. Good on them.
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