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Thoughts on Supply SE/Pro vs. modern SE razors

What would you say razors like the Vector and the General have over the Supply razors? With the SE, it seems like it is basically impossible to nick yourself, and while it may be less efficient through 1 pass, I generally believe just about any razor could give a BBS shave with 3. While the Vector looks far better in my opinion, it is way more expensive, and the best blades, the Prolines in my opinion, are relatively rare, and have QC issues where they don't always fit.

I would appreciate all opinions, especially those regarding the comparison in performance between Supply, and higher end SE razors, particularly AC.
I personally still prefer the Vector as the experience is great, and it looks awesome (when I don't think about the price). However, every time I nick myself, I get second thoughts.
I see the modern AC razors as an evolution, though not replacement, of injector razors. The Supply head is different, slightly, to the vintage injectors.

Just looking at my AC razor, how the blade is angle and the shape of the head, you can tell there is more engineering going on. The blade is angled at 30 degrees instead of 15. The guard bar and head shape benefit from DE designs while using a more rigid blade. The extra width makes more difference than it seems too.

AC razors are for me a 2 pass affair, period. I get it right or not and stop because the blade angle is pretty steep and my face can't handle too much of that. It is more effective for me than a DE because of this and the blades especially. I am delighted with my inefficient Supply razor, I do one pass against the grain plus minimal touch ups. I don't think about the blade causing weeper like an AC blade can, it's just enjoyable auto pilot.
I enjoy shaving with my Executive Shaving Co. Claymore Evolution. It's about $100 less (w/stand) than the Vector SS, so not quite as painful on the wallet.

I started out with Feather ProGuard blades. I get an extremely close shave. I can do a three pass with just a tad of irritation, depending on the soap.

I got some Feather ProSoft Guard blades the other day. I've only done two shaves so far and it's a more mild shave. Not quite as close but zero irritation. I think I'll end up using two blades until they die to make a fair comparison.

That's what I really like about the AC razors. With just a simple blade design change, you can get a different razor. No plates to change out, no dial to turn with 6 or 9 different settings. Simple, uncomplicated designs.

There is an interesting review of the Claymore Evolution here... Post #31.... the second review... after a very fine review by GlazedBoker at the beginning of the thread. Executive Shaving/Alpha Claymore Evolution. - https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/executive-shaving-alpha-claymore-evolution.612985/page-2
My first reaction was "what does this guy mean, Supply razors are modern single edged shavers," but I get what you mean, I think. I personally don't own an AC razor because they don't offer me anything that my injectors don't provide. A wider blade isn't something I need. With three good choices for blades right now, and Schick available at my local pharmacy, I have enough blade options. I'm not saying that AC razors aren't good, they just don't appeal to me at this time. RAD can send me in strange directions, so who knows what the future may bring.
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