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Thoughts on Supply CO Razor and Cream

Just some thoughts on faithful Sopply CO. product user. 1. I consider the currect SE the best razor they've produced yet. The semi open comb design makes for one of the safest to use and closest to shave razors on the market. Almost impossible to cut yourself when properly used. Incredibly close ans smooth shaves can't see a reson to go more than two passes, frequently get it done in one. 2. The new formula "Ultra Lather" shaving creams are superior to the original formulas (which were excellent BTW). They are light and airy but very slick, the only think in my memory that comes close was the old formula Tabac soap, Suppy creams for me are way better than current formiua Tabac.
I have their SE and Pro Razors as well as the black line blades. All of them are top notch. I prefer the SE since it gives a great shave without needed to futz about with adjustments. The black line blades are fantastic as well!

I have never tried the cream but everything else I have tried has been wonderful!
I like my Pro more than my SE, but both are excellent shaving tools. I almost tried their cream recently, but it wound up going to my daughter for her legs. I bought a sparkly gold shaving brush at the Sue auction, which caught her eye. The Supply Lavender and Lemon was the only unopened cream I had, so it went with the brush. She is now a complete wet shaver.
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