Thoughts on frangible ammo for home defense.

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  1. jar_

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    Curious what others think about the idea of using some of the new sintered frangible ammo in home defense situations?
  2. I’m for anything that will stop a bad guy and not travel beyond the wall behind him when I miss.

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  3. I think Frangible ammunition in a defense application rather defeats the concept of using a firearm as a defensive tool. A projectile which retains much of its original weight, expands considerably upon impact and transfers a goodly amount of its energy (foot pounds) to the target I believe is a better way to go.
  4. Andy77

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    Bwahahahah!!! When you do find that ammo let me know! I need some, too!

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  6. Give me that good old time rock and roll. I want expansion, penetration and weight retention. There are too many unforeseeable and uncontrollable aspects of an emergent defensive situation to try and micro-manage risks, IMHO. Shot placement and terminal performance trumps all other considerations.
  7. To make a long story short my cousin is a defense attorney and an avid shooter and he suggested I stay from this ammo.
  8. jar_

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    Why? Does he even know what frangible ammo is?
  9. …..Albeit I do remember we were talking about defensive carry rds.
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  10. jar_

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    Since the sintered frangible rounds were developed to increase safety in Close Quarters Interior training with live rounds I'm surprised a defense attorney would advise against it.

    I can understand some folk opposing the idea based on effectiveness but again, the issue of secondary consequences from over penetration are greater in today's litigious environment.
  11. I believe that a prosecutor may argue the idea of intent to do more damage to the intruder than necessary, as in having a trigger job done on a handgun.
  12. jar_

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    With frangible ammo that would be a really, really, really, really, really hard idea to support. Of course neither the prosecutor or defense attorney needs to actually support their assertions and so reality and honesty are not really involved. It is a matter of how well they sell the idea.
  13. I'll stick to JHP that's proven to penetrate, expand, and transfer energy to the target. Over penetration and misses are a big deal, but I have yet to see frangible rounds that stop entirely when impacting interior drywall.
  14. The key word is training, safety of those doing the shooting in a "fun house" is the issue, not over penetration beyond the training facility, or in the case of reactive targets, to not destroy the targets to save training costs.
  15. Thank you for the education my friend.
  16. No lie...I heard it from a guy who heard it from a guy, that some poorly informed "operators" thought that the frangible ammo was for force on force training, so they shot each other with the stuff....they said it really, really hurt!
  17. Remind me to tell you about the time I pepper sprayed myself.

  18. Here's a better one. Watch at 2:30. Just ain't no substitute for knowing what you are doing. :)

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  19. jar_

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    Correct. It is designed to break apart if it strikes a very hard object, also to avoid ricochets. But similar conditions exist in a house, and in particular in a development where the next hose may only be a brick veneer away.

    So that is the environment being discussed.

    In the home the issue is over penetration beyond the immediate environment and the potential for ricochets off hard objects found in a residence but seldom in a "fun house". Does a sintered frangible round make sense under those conditions?
  20. No. Not to me, but go with what you know. YMMV. Train so that you can hit the target, or suffer the consequences, should they arise. I want ammo that stops bad guys, not ammo that hurts real bad.

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