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Thought I had something - then - disappointment.

Met my sister and brother-in-law in Galena, IL with my mom for Mother's Day lunch today. Walked main street visiting some of the shops there.

I happened to do a quick Google while we were walking to see if there were any tobacco shops in the area and got a hit on Churchill & Burns with a couple of reviews saying it was a great store for guys, shaving brushes, soaps, AOS products, as well as a selection of cigars, tobacco pipes.

Contained my excitement as we walked down to the 300 block, walked towards the store, saw a nice display of badgers through the window... Something didn't look right, the lights appeared to be off. I'm thinking, great, closed on Sunday :( ... We make it to Galena a few times a year as a "half-way" meeting place, so figured next time we will have to plan a Saturday trip...

Get up to the door and there is a big green sign taped to the store window "REVOKED" and a statement from the State of Illinois about sales tax revocation, being illegal to sell merchandise, yada yada...

I don't know if they will get their problems sorted or not, but if you are in the Galena IL area in a few weeks, you might want to at least try giving them a call to see if they are back in business.
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