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Those Trouble Spots and How to Deal with Them

Well I was wondering how others deal with their tuff to shave areas. I have been wet shaving with a DS razor most of my life but have had a mustache always except for the last year. I'm finding it is difficult to get a clean shave under my nose. The two razors I have been using are a Gillette Super-Slim (black handle) and a Merkur HD 34C. I get great shaves with them both but have a hard time under my nose.

I have thought about getting a shavette or straight razor for this job but it seems like a big expense and more time using a cut throat and those shavette's kind of scare :scared: me with those sharp corners. I could use the Fusion trimmer portion but I don't really want to pay those Gillette prices for the blades. I'm currently looking for a disposable BIC single blade razor to give that a try.

How do the rest of you deal with this issue if you have it ? Any suggestions, HELP ?

I do 2 passes--each one carefully and with light-pressure--under the nose.

The first is north to south making sure I get right up to the nose where the beard starts. The 2nd is east-west on one side and west-east on the other, again being careful to get just under the nose.

Perfect practice makes perfect.
That's a tricky area for nearly everyone. One factor is that that area is very easy to short change on prep. It's right under your nose, and I find, the last area to get coated with lather. Make sure you've got a really nice wet mix of lather in this area. Shave this area last on any give pass to give it the maximum amount of time with lather coverage.

With regard to strokes in that area, I go from corner of my mouth to center, with the razor canted slightly (Gillette Slide style). While I do this, I'm using my facial muscles to stretch my upper lip over my teeth, broadening that area. This is basically an XTG stroke for me. Then on the same pass I re-lather that area, do the same facial contortion again, and do a WTG (N to S for me) stoke, while holding my nose up with my other hand so I can get right up next to my nose. On subsequent passes I usually skip this area (and the whole area around my mouth), unless there is something left there. Usually just re-lathering and repeating the corner to center maneuver will pick up anything left. Always re-lather.don't try to skimp and do it with just water, or dry, or you may end up with irritation.
Just to echo the others really - I pull up the tip of my nose with my free hand for a N-S pass. I find this is the only way to get right up to the top of that area with either the DE89 or the R41 due to the shape of their heads. Then I'll do a XTG pass, from each corner to the centre.
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