Those small omega boar brushes. Are they any good?

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    Are those small omega boar brushes like 10018, 10077, 10051, 10290 as good as the pro series boar?

    They are cheaper but I read that the smaller ones don't hold enough lather for 3 or 4 passes. Is this true?

    I would love a big one like the proraso or 49 but they aren't sold locally.
  1. btw I'm using the s10018 synthetic now. A boar should be better right?
  2. Different. Better is subjective.

    I like smaller brushes for travel.
  3. I don't really know much about boar brushes. How different is it from my synthetic?
  4. One is a natural hair the other is man made.

    Some have issues using animal products so use synthetics.

    Natural hair has to be hydrated in order to function at its potential. Synthetic, for the most part, do not absorb water and carry it on the surface of the fibers.

    It's like gas and electric cars. Both will get you there but they use a different method to do it.

  5. The Omegas are fine brushes. I look at synthetics vs. boar as an apples vs. oranges comparison. It all depends on what appeals to you!
  6. I have the 10018, the 10049 and the S10108.
    They are all fantastic brushes. They behave differently and there's no way to know which one you're going to like more.
    The 10051 looks great, I wouldn't hesitate.
  7. Never tried a boar so I wont know. Hoping to get one soon. But in my country I have limited choices.
  8. Can the 10018 hold a good amount of lather for 3 passes?
  9. I've never had to re-lather with any brush, so my answer is yes.
    If you want to look like the Arko guy then you might need a bigger brush.
    I would expect the boar 10018 to hold as much lather as the S10018 you currently have.
    The 10049 will easily hold enough lather for 6+ passes when fully broken in.
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  10. The omega 49 is a great brush, very big with plenty of backbone. They are relatively cheap on Amazon and eBay, starting about £6-8 if that helps? Will they ship to your location?
  11. They do but shipping is a killer. But I'll look and see if I can find one with cheap shipping.
  12. Just checked on ebay. The shipping to Singapore costs more than the brush itself. If I want a pro brush I'm better off getting from Connaught shaving. Too bad TESC does not sell boar brushes. Their shipping fee is cheap.

    The smaller ones can be bought locally for anywhere between SGD$4 - SGD$7.
  13. My Omega 10051 arrived today, I've had my first shave with it, and am very happy with it. As to whether it will hold lather for three or four passes, I've no idea but that's not important to me. I'm a light loader, and have no qualms about going back to the soap for more if needed.
  14. Ive owned a few of the cheaper Omegas and theyre just fine. I find that they still hold plenty of lather for 3 or even 4 passes.
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    I love my Wide Waist Mighty Midget.
  16. I love short Omega brushes: they're handier, have plenty of backbone - even the synthetic knots - and hold enough lather for 3 or 4 passes.
    That said, the only two brushes I'll ever need: Omega 10019 (boar, right) and S10019 (synthetic, left)
    The boar is almost one year old, and it shows :), the synth about 9 months old - and still it looks as good as new.
    I'm using more and more the synthetic, for what it's worth[​IMG]
  17. Just addressing the size, with a small brush i have, i find the small handle of the brush difficult/uncomfortable to hold. Have to grip it much more tightly, clench it to control it, too small for my hand. Much bigger handle and my hand is relaxed in using the brush.

  18. So boar versus synthetic, which is better?
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    That boar looks nicely broken in, great pair of brushes.

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