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Those Awaiting the Semogue LE 2011- Post your Semogue den shots!

Post those Semogue den shots folks. Some have already received their 2011 additions, but lets see what they have been added to!

I'll start it out with my six lovelies- the 1800, 09' LE, cherry handled SOC, 2010 Cutsom Boar, Caravela, and 1460.


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My Semogue 2011 LE Finest Badger 1 will find these 4 cousins waiting for it.


Me too!

AND then I'm DONE! No more brushes, none, never, nohow, noway.....
Hello everybody, my new Semogue LE 2011 serial No 13 size 2 in Finest badger arrived on the 19th November 2011.

If looks could kill. In a word beautiful, the handle material is Black faux Marble with grey vein's handle is very ergonomic and the Loft height @ 52mm with a Knot Dia of 25mm is spot on. Lovely soft tip's but with plenty of backbone.

With regards to the new Semogue logo, I love them both. The old " Excelsior Texugo " & the new more modern " Semogue Portugal "

Jury is still out either I use or display.

Charles U.K


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Wow, an open invitation to post up your Semogue dens and only two pictures?? Let's see those Boss Hogs people!
If you insist :001_smile
I know - I have a thing for Semogue brushes :001_wub:)

Thats a great setup.. and what a great way for everyone to see the differences in brushes along the line (even more than superior does - between lines). I wish vintage scent would does this..
Fantastic collection Søren. So which is your favorite? Also, have you had a chance to compare the 2011 Badgers to each other?

As badger and boar has different characteristics I don't compare them up against each other.

So from the badger line my favourite is without question the SOC 2-band - followed by the 2010 LE.
From the boar line it is a close call between the SOC or the 2009 LE. It pretty much comes down to my mood and the time I've got for a shave, as the 2009 LE does have a large knot so it takes longer to load the brush and whip up the lather, but on the other hand, the hairs in that knot - oh my :001_wub:

I have yet the 2011 badgers in front of me, I had a go with the 2011 LE bristle 1 today. I'll use the bristle 2 tomorrow and then the badgers, so I'm having quite an interesting week ahead of me :biggrin1:
Here's my Semogue lineup.
First pic is boars on front row, second pic has the badgers upfront.

Sadly the 1470 and a SOC are missing as they are lent to friends.
Boars and badgers are nice in balance if I do a fast count; I have now six of each.
I currently own a 620 and a 2010 Custom Boar. The 620 is the greatest brush I have ever used by the way. I fell in love with it on first lather. :001_wub: I have a 2011 Finest 1 on the way. After seeing these photos, I am strongly considering selling off all of my other brushes and only owning Semogues. :001_smile
Søren, that is an amazing collection!

Wim, you aren't too far behind!

Thanks for the great pics gentlemen!

Yes, I noticed.

Missing a critical Caravela - I was too stupid to notice how beautiful it actually is.
And we both seem to miss the blue limited, I see.

Well, there's always room for improvement :001_tongu
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